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How Is Delta 8 Made?

by Steven Brown

With the popularity of cannabinoids on the high, many people who weren’t even aware or interested in the concept of CBD have started taking interest in place of using it for their medical purposes. For this purpose, one needs to know the mechanism behind the popular cannabinoids or CBD like Delta-8 thc gummies and learn how delta 8 is made. 

Learning the science behind the working of cannabinoids on our body would not only help one to be more aware of what goes on in their body but also make them aware of how to handle cannabinoids, learning all the caution and the amount to which it is safe to be consumed. This information can be both lifesaving and enlightening for people, avoiding any kind of misinformation or false news to confuse them.

What is Delta-8? 

As mentioned earlier, Delta-8 is a type of cannabinoid, which essentially is the extract of the cannabis weed but with none of its intoxicating or addictive effects. Instead, cannabinoids or CBD have the medicinal properties of its source plant, like the pain-numbing effect or the calming effect it has on one’s mind and body. Both of these characteristics make it quite popular and in demand as a healthier substitute for weed or even allopathic medications which are known to be very chemical-heavy.

In a nutshell, Delta-8 is used by both recreational activities enthusiasts and those who are suffering from chronic pain or body aches as a respite to their medical condition. 

Delta-8 is available in many forms, most of which concentrate in the form of oil and edibles are very popular. They are also easier to consume and account for in that form, making most CBD flower

Consumers opt for those forms for their regular consumption.

How is it made? 

Since Delta-8 is a type or rather, a strain of cannabinoid, it is often extracted into different forms — with no solvent, it is known as concentrates and with solvent, it is available in the form of tincture, vape liquid and other products that one can often find in the market. 

Just like any other cannabinoid, Delta-8 is extracted from the hemp plant. However, since it is a variant of the Delta-9 variety, its natural appearance is often low and minuscule at best, even in the hemp plant or the natural cannabis week. 

Thus, to produce a large amount of Delta-8, a process called isomerization is conducted where Delta-9 gummies are converted into the Delta-8 variant by rearranging the chemical bonds within the extract. It is a relatively harmless process and is often conducted for many of the popular Delta-8 products that one may find in the market.

This process makes Delta-8 considerably weaker in the intoxication department, let it be in comparison to its variant Delta-9 or its source plant, hemp. That, however, is considered a boon for those who take cannabinoids to relieve their chronic pain in joints or the body. 

Best forms for consumption of Delta-8

Since Delta-8 is available in many forms, it is best to be aware of all forms of premium CBD flower before choosing one permanent form of consumption. The best form of Delta-8 for a person depends entirely on their preference and need — those aiming to use Delta-8 for recreational activities would find concentrates of Delta-8 particularly useful since the flavor and potency of the cannabinoid would be more highlighted in that form. Meanwhile, smoking and vaping the said concentrates would be advisable for those wanting to enhance the flavor of Delta-8.

Meanwhile, those consuming Delta-8 to relieve their chronic pain in the body and joints or even to elevate their anxiety and panic can try Delta-8 edibles and ground powder, which are easy to consume and carry around. One can even make their own edibles by purchasing Delta-8 oil or powder and mixing it into their own recipe. The powder can also be sown and brewed into a form of herbal tea which has a calming effect on the body and mind. 

Thus, the ideal form and method of consumption can vary from individual to individual and anyone aiming to find one suitable for themselves should consider all these factors.

Is Delta-8 safe to consume? 

The answer to this question depends on the products one is purchasing and the manufacturers of those products. Since most of the Delta-8 we see in products is obtained by chemically altering other forms of cannabinoids, its safety and purity can often become questionable with unknown or non-reliable brands. 

Thus, if one wants to safely consume any such cannabinoid, it is better to look for reliable and state-approved brands that are publicized. In case no such brands are available or found, the best option would be to use brands that are used by many other cannabinoid consumers — its safety is expressed more in the usage of the customers than the brand name itself.

Is Delta-8 legal? 

Since many states have legalized cannabinoids and their other forms while others did not, the answer to this question can vary depending on what state the consumer lives in and purchases. Thus, if one is searching for the legality of their purchase and consumption, they need to research the laws of their region and the legal backing of the brand they buy HHC flower products from. 

Sometimes, the cannabinoid itself is not legally banned, but its source is — that is, the hemp plant or the cannabis weed. Thus, proper research is needed to determine the legality of usage and purchase of Delta-8 before doing so. In case of confusion, either ask fellow cannabinoid users or consult prior precedents of the region.


In the end, Delta-8 is safe for consumption and is legal to do so, depending on the state one lives in and the manufacturer one is purchasing. It all depends on the proper research and knowing the dosage one may need for their consumption let it be for recreational activities or as a substitute for allopathic medications for pain, anxiety or panic. 

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