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Carpet cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your carpet. Carpets can trap dirt and become a breeding ground for bacteria. Regularly cleaning your carpets will make a big difference to the overall appearance of your home.

Carpet cleaning can be the best solution for you if your carpet looks a bit dirty or stained. We will be discussing the time it takes to clean carpets.

Knowing how long it takes to clean carpets will help you plan how much time you can give to it. To allow your carpet to dry correctly and clean up properly, you should plan to be away from it for at least one day.

Please continue reading to learn more about the process and how it was estimated.

How far in advance to book

You may be wondering when to schedule a carpet cleaner. Although you can schedule your carpet cleaning any time you like, it’s best to do it as soon as possible. In case of an emergency, such as a time-sensitive or major stain, carpet cleaners are often available 24 hours a day.

It is essential to schedule your carpet cleaning at a time when you won’t be required to use your carpet for more than a day. It would help if you let the carpet cleaning process continue unassisted. Do not schedule a carpet cleaning on a day when you have guests. It is best to plan to stay out of your room for at most one day.

You will need to agree with your carpet cleaner on how much furniture they will move. A carpet cleaner can move furniture that is easy to transport, such as couches and chairs. Carpet cleaners won’t want to move delicate or expensive items such as electronics, china, etc.

If there are items that the carpet cleaner cannot move, either make arrangements to have professional movers come to your home or hire them. If you are looking for a reliable moving company, the carpet professional will be able to recommend one. They may also offer discounts if you ask.

Get Set up

The best carpet cleaning professionals can move all agreed furniture within half an hour. They will also be able to set up all their equipment. The amount of furniture and distance it must be moved will affect the price.

You can also have all the cleaning equipment brought in by them, including their steam cleaner, stain treatment tools, hoses, and cables. Having something else going on in the house or running errands is essential. The cleaner won’t need you there and will not appreciate watching them do their work.

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Cleaning Time

Carpet cleaning will take the longest time. A professional carpet cleaner should take approximately twenty minutes to clean a 12×12 room.

The carpet’s condition and cleaning method will determine the time it takes to clean. To estimate how long it will take to clean carpets in your home, multiply the number of rooms by twenty.

There may be noises from the machine during cleaning. The house might smell cleaning products or steam, but this should not affect other activities.


This is the most challenging stage of your carpet cleaning journey. Once your carpet cleaning company has completed their work, they’ll instruct you about the drying time.

Dry carpet cleaning is usually done in minutes, and furniture can be moved immediately. You will need to wait a minimum of six hours to steam clean your carpet carefully before you can move the furniture.

The weather will affect the drying times. If it is sunny, warm, and dry, your carpet will dry much faster than if it is rainy or cold. To speed up the drying process, heaters can raise the temperature, and fans to move the air over the carpets and remove the moisture.

You can ask your carpet cleaning company representative if you have any concerns about drying your carpet. They can help you ensure a fast drying process.

Carpet Cleaning Costs

It is possible to wonder what the carpet cleaning cost will cost. It is worth knowing if you spend a lot of time cleaning them. HomeGuide states that carpet cleaning costs an average of twenty-five cents per square foot and fifty dollars per room.

The cost to clean your carpets varies from one place to the next. If you need additional services or have a lot of furniture to move, there may be an extra charge.

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