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How to Achieve Zero Injury Status in a Workplace

by Steven Brown

As the companies grow more and more competitive and more goal-oriented. One of the things that often gets neglected along the way is the aspect of worker safety in their respective workplace. Now as companies grow bigger, they tend to departmentalize tasks. This is where the challenge of keeping each worker safe and secure starts.

It takes some professional level of multitasking on the part of department heads to keep everyone safe. Also to keep track of the goals and tasks that each department has to do on a daily basis. So, in terms of overall safety, how can companies achieve zero injuries in the workplace and keep the workplace free from hazards? Here’s how!

Clear Protocols

There must be some sort of clear protocols that are involved with the orientation and daily reminders for each employee. So that they will know the rules, and regulations and also the part in terms of how they should respond should any untoward incident take place.

Clear protocols define the lines of what should be done and what should be followed so that everyone is kept safe and secure while on the premises of the company. These protocols also clearly define the responsibilities of each employee to keep themselves safe. Hazards may occur no matter how safe the workplace has been set. But if coupled with vigilance on the part of each employee then it lessens the chances of accidents as well.

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Personal protective equipment should also be worn at all times. No matter how clear an area may be there can always be chances for accidents. The first defense that an employee has against any accident is its PPE.

Though it may sound irrational at some point where employees have to wear hard hats in open spaces. The protocol to wear one should always be followed even without eminent threat. This creates a culture of safety among the employees that persists in other departments. This lessens is responsible behavior among the employees.

Open Communication

Another area where zero injury status could be achieved. This is through the aspect of having an open line of communication between employees, departments, and department heads. In the organizational structure, this design is actually quite effective in significantly lessening the friction between employees and between departments. Having an open line of communication makes up for any miscommunication and misunderstanding in terms of policies and operations.

This also helps in keeping the workplace safe since employees can now openly communicate any potential problem. It could cause harm or injury in one part of the workplace to those offices who are in charge of those areas. Many fire protection services Australia based firms offer not only installments of protective details for companies. But also an open communication system for the employees in that building.

The goal of each business is not only to gain profit and continue the business operations, but that is its main purpose. It is also in the safekeeping of its assets which includes the employees who work for the company. They too should be kept safe and secure while doing their respective responsibilities and tasks for the company.

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