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How to Automatically Post Your Instagram Photos as Twitter Photos?

by Steven Brown
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Social media apps often change their policies and strategies to protect our data and privacy. But it’s hard for most people to keep up with More Twitter Followers. After all, everyone is not a geek! 

Instagram recently changed the settings when Facebook bought it and disabled the app “Twitter Card Functionality”. This app enables the preview of pictures from other sources and More Twitter Followers.

This change means that now you can’t see the preview of Instagram photos on Twitter in the news feed or tweets.

However,  you can still link your Instagram posts or photos on Twitter but it will appear as a URL only.

 So if you too have a hard time figuring this out, or you don’t have enough time to manage all the social media profiles one by one you may also need to read this article. Here is the complete guide to automatically posting your Instagram photos as More Twitter Followers photos.

Download IFTTT

IFTTT is the short form of “If This, Then That”. It allows you to build a connection between two different things. Such as if one thing happens, it will automatically trigger the other. These triggers and actions are known as applets.

To post your Instagram photos as Twitter photos as well, you have to set up an IFTTT applet. This applet will download your picture from Instagram and create a new post of it on More Twitter Followers for you. Now you may wonder how to do this IFTTT thing. Well, you have to follow these few steps:

  • Sign in to your IFTTT account and sign up if you don’t have one.
  • You will see the button “connect” on the screen. By clicking it, an Instagram page will open and ask permission to access the photos.

( you will see two options “Profile Information( Required)” and “Media (optional)”. But you have to click both. If you won’t allow access to media considering it optional, it will connect but won’t have access to photos. Hence unable t post photos on Twitter)

  • Click on “allow” now, which will take you back to IFTTT.
  • After returning to the IFTTT page,  you will see the option of ‘Going To Twitter” instead of “Going To Instagram” now.
  • Hit that button and a page similar to the previous one will open asking access for Twitter.
  • Grant the permissions, and click on “Authorize App”.
  • Now, tap your IFTTT username at the top right corner of the screen and go to Preferences. Untick or turn off  “Auto shorten URLs”. So that, your tweets show instagram.com URLs rather than if. tt.

And BAM! Your applet is all set.

 Now it will take your photos and upload them to your Twitter account for you as Pictures instead of URLs.

Now, while posting doesn’t choose the option of sharing your post on Twitter. Doing this will generate a URL link post by Instagram. So, you have to relax, ignore the sharing it to the Twitter point while posting and let the applet do its work.

Now the little question that arises in our minds is what if we don’t want to share all our Instagram posts on Twitter. 

There is also an Applet on IFTTT that works based on specific Hashtags. It means that you can set a specific Hashtag as a code word for it. It will only upload the post which Includes that hashtag. Give it a shot.

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