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How To Avoid Overpacking for A Trip

by Steven Brown

When packing, you want to make sure that you have packed all the essential items while also making sure that you do not over pack. Therefore, in order to ensure that you have everything that you need while not having your suitcase be overweight, there are a few tips you can follow to help achieve this.

The luggage

Before you decide on what to put into your bags you first need to make sure you have bags. If you haven’t travelled for a while or if your suitcases are old and torn, then it is best to purchase new ones. It could also be beneficial if you decided to buy travel accessories online.

Plan your outfits

A good way to avoid over packing is to plan the outfits that you want to wear. Planning the outfits, you want to wear will ensure that you have an outfit to wear for each day of your trip. Therefore, once you count the number of days you will be travelling for, you can then pack accordingly. If not, you may tend to over pack as you might be being to stress that you do not have an outfit for everyday as some pants may not go with the top that you are wearing and vice versa.

However, by deciding what you are going to wear each day, will make you certain that you have something to wear. It will also be beneficial to you if you were to pack your favourite items of clothing a then you can be sure that it will be worn. Packing outfits, you haven’t worn before can be a risk. For example, a yellow skirt may not go with anything and everything.

Therefore, in order to make sure the skirt is worn you will have to specifically look for a colour to match the skirt. However, by packing your favourite pieces of clothing and especially ones which you have worn before, you can be sure to find an outfit that matches.


You can even consider doing laundry while on your trip as this will help you save up on space as then you will not have to pack many clothes. Especially of you are travelling for a month or more then, doing your laundry can help you to not over pack as you will then not need to pack too many clothes.


Especially when you are travelling overseas, it is most likely that you will pack gifts with you to take to your friends and family. When you are buying gifts, try not to buy gifts which are too heavy or ones which take up too much of space.

Buying smaller gifts will not only create more room in your suitcase but it will also help your luggage be lighter than if you were to pack a bulky item. Counting exact number of people whom you want to buy gifts can be helpful as this could prevent you from over buying.

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