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How To Choose the Right Beginner Salsa Class in 7 Easy Steps

by Hira Umair

An energetic way to get fit, meet new people and immerse yourself in the world of Latin music, then learning salsa dance is a way to go.

Finding the right beginner salsa class can be helpful if you are eager to learn Salsa but don’t know where to start.

So, here we will share 7 easy steps through which you can find the right class to learn salsa.

1. Determine Your Goals

Before diving into your search, take a moment to think about what you want to achieve with salsa dancing. Are you looking to get fit, make new friends, or perhaps perform in front of an audience one day? Understanding your goals will help you choose a class that aligns with your aspirations. If you’re aiming for social dancing, a casual class might be ideal. For those with performance ambitions, a more structured and intensive class could be the right fit.

2. Research Local Dance Studios

Start by researching dance studios in your area that offer beginner classes. Look for studios with good reputations and positive reviews. Pay attention to the instructors’ credentials and the studio’s atmosphere. A welcoming and friendly environment is crucial for beginners.

3. Check Class Schedules and Locations

Convenience is key when starting a new hobby. Look for classes that fit into your schedule and are located near your home or workplace. Many studios offer evening and weekend classes to accommodate busy schedules. 

Some might also provide online classes if you prefer learning from the comfort of your home. Consistency is important in dance, so make sure the class times are manageable for you.

4. Visit the Studio

Once you’ve shortlisted a few studios, visit them in person. Observing a class can give you a better sense of the teaching style and the overall vibe. Note how the instructor interacts with students and whether the class seems engaging and supportive. 

A good salsa class should foster a positive learning environment where you feel comfortable making mistakes and asking questions.

5. Ask About Class Size and Structure

Class size can significantly impact your learning experience. Smaller classes often provide more personalized attention, which can be beneficial for beginners. 

Ask about the typical class size and the structure of the lessons. Do they start with a warm-up? How much time is spent on individual versus partner work? Understanding the class format can help you decide if it suits your learning style.

6. Inquire About Pricing and Packages

Dance classes can vary widely in cost. Some studios offer pay-as-you-go options, while others might have packages or memberships. 

Compare the pricing of different studios and consider what fits your budget. Keep an eye out for introductory offers or discounts for new students. Investing in a package can sometimes save you money in the long run and encourage you to stick with it.

7. Take a Trial Class

Many dance studios offer trial classes for beginners. Taking a trial class is an excellent way to see if the studio and the instructor are a good fit for you. 

Pay attention to how you feel during and after the class. Did you enjoy the experience? Did the instructor explain the steps clearly? A positive trial class experience is a good indicator that you’ve found the right place to start your salsa journey.

Bonus Tips for a Successful Salsa Experience

  • Wear Comfortable Clothing and Shoes: For your first class, wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely and shoes that stay securely on your feet. Avoid flip-flops or shoes with too much grip.
  • Practice Regularly: Like any new skill, practice is essential. Try to practice the steps you learn in class at home to reinforce your learning.
  • Stay Positive and Patient: Learning to dance can be challenging, but staying positive and patient with yourself will make the process more enjoyable. Celebrate your progress, no matter how small.


Unleash your inner dancer and spice up your life with salsa! Salsa isn’t just a dance; it’s a joyful journey of fitness, friendship, and Latin flair. But before you hit the dance floor, finding the perfect salsa class is key.

This guide equips you with 7 easy steps: define your goals, research studios, check schedules, visit studios, inquire about class size and structure, explore pricing, and experience a trial class. Remember, comfort matters, so wear loose clothes and proper shoes. Consistent practice and a positive attitude are your secret weapons. Embrace the challenge, celebrate every step, and you’ll be salsa-ing your way to success in no time!

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