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How to choose your business coach?

by Steven Brown

That’s it; you’ve decided to call on a business coach to launch your business or develop it. Yes, but there you go, business coaches, there are plenty of them. So you ask yourself: How to choose your business coach? What criteria should be taken into account? I explain it to you.

Preliminary reminder: The role of the coach

A coach is, in my opinion, a person who accompanies you in the shadows, who guides you, allows you to see other points of view, to overcome your blockages. It’s always you who do, you who decide. The coach simply allows you to benefit from support in the background, with an objective and benevolent look.

5 criteria for choosing your business coach

Choosing your coach is not done at random. It is a summary of feelings, shared values, of a common vision. It also means having enough confidence in them to dare to exploit your full potential, in complete safety. 

In my opinion, five main criteria should be taken into account when choosing a business coach:

His experience;

Her personality;

The coaching format;

Customer reviews;

The price

Criterion n°1: The experience of the coach

You don’t improvise as a business coach. It’s a real specialty. Supporting entrepreneurs, whether they are in the making or already at the head of their business, requires understanding the mechanisms of a business but also knowing how to apprehend the blockages and levers specific to an entrepreneur’s mindset. 

For example, I often use my eight years of entrepreneurship to illustrate my comments to my coaches. In addition, having accompanied hundreds of entrepreneurs has allowed me to refine my approach.

The personality of the business coach

Your business coach must inspire you, and in particular, inspire you with confidence. You have to feel comfortable with this person. You are going to confide in them, you are going to work in-depth on yourself and your business with them, so it is essential that you feel safe, without fearing the slightest judgment.

In addition, the coach you choose to support you in the creation of your business or for its development must inspire you in the sense that they must make you want to be where they are today.

I’m not saying you have to want exactly what they have. But that he must have this advanced position compared to where you are today. It’s a bit of a role model.

And then, it will prevent you from falling on a coach who promises you a millionaire business when they do not manage to exceed €5,000 in monthly turnover. Even if it’s already good, how will he give you the keys to achieve your goals, if he can’t apply them to himself?!

The coaching format for entrepreneurs

Depending on your objectives, your availability, but also your geographical location, you may prefer face-to-face or remote support.

Sincerely, even if I know that the face-to-face is reassuring – it’s a format that I also love and that I try to put in place more and more – distance learning does not detract from the effectiveness of business coachingn Well-conducted.

Another point concerning the format, you can have the choice between individual support and group support. Each has its advantages. However, I really like group coaching, because it allows you to benefit from collective intelligence, but also from the support of others. You are all going through the same thing at the same time. You understand each other, and that is very valuable, especially in times of doubt.

Finally, of course, the content of the program proposed by the business coach is an essential point. Take the time to look at what the coach offers, the themes addressed, and the proposed transformation. It should resonate with you. And don’t hesitate to book a discovery call to find out if you’re making the right choice.

Customer reviews

Even if everyone is different, the fact remains that the opinions left by previous coaches are a very good indicator of what you can expect from coaching. 

This allows you to see that there are other people before you who, thanks to this business coach, have been able to achieve the goals you are aiming for. You can see where these people left from, what they went through, and where they are following the accompaniment.

This is valuable information that will support you in your choice in principle.

The price

Well you know, in my opinion, the price is not a real criterion. It’s more like an excuse. 

Personally, I’m more in favor of saving up to work with the small business coach you really want, rather than choosing another one because it’s more affordable.

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