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How to Clean Milk out of an Upholstery?

by Steven Brown
How to Clean Milk out of an Upholstery?

How do you clean milk out of Upholstery? It might seem unimportant to some people. This would mean they do not own any upholstery that they would like to clean from time to time. However, it is an important question if you happen to own upholstery that you want to keep clean always since it helps maintain the beauty of your furniture for a longer period of times and reduces the need for frequent replacements that can prove costly in the long.

Blot the fresh milk spill

If you are fortunates enough to catch the milk stain before it dries, dab it with anything before proceeding with treatment. A basic cleaning rag or paper towels would suffice. Firmly press on the region to remove the majority of the liquid from the cloth and cushion beneath. Apply pressure on the area until the cleaning cloths are dry. Do not use a vacuum cleaner to suck out all traces of milk; there’s a good chance that will spread it around.

Keep in mind that, while they are convenients, household vacuum cleaners can be harmful to sensitive fabric materials such as suede or leather. In some cases, your efforts might even be better spent seeking professional help. Upholstery Cleaning Sydney is highly recommended for deep-set stains like these—and is often a necessity if you’re looking to get rid of odors as well as visible discolorations.

Use water to prevent the stain from hardening

After removing as much milk as possible, wipe the discoloration with a clean wet towel. Then, using a dry towel, remove any excess moisture. The water will assist in lifting the excess milk and preventing it from solidifying and adhering to the cloth.

 If that doesn’t work, use a heavy duty detergent: You may need a heavy duty detergent, depending on how bad your stains are. If you have these types of products in your home, use them sparingly and test them on a hidden part of your couch before moving on to cleaning it.

Apply a cleaning solution

Next, in a mixing basin, combine water and mild dishwashing liquid or hand soap. A couple of drops of soap should suffice for one cup of water. Dip a cleans sponge into the solution until it is slightly damp and begin patting the stain. Move from the edge to the center, gently applying the solution. Keep in mind that the cloth should get moist rather than soaked.

Rinse out the solution

Remove the solution from the sponge. When the water from the sponge runs clear, use it to remove the soap from the cloth. Make dabbing movements with your fingers. Rinse the sponge often until no more soap is visible. Pad dry the areas with a dry cleaning mat and wait for your sofa to dry fully.

Now it is time to check if any food particles have remained on your sofa. Examine your cloth and make sure that no stains are visible. If they are, you will need to repeat these steps until you get rid of all spots on your sofa.


Cleaning services, particularly specialized ones like ours at Upholstery Cleaning Sydney, are here to make your life easier. Whether you’re cleaning your upholstery or any other item, it’s always best that you leave it in experienced hands. There’s no point in working hard if it means compromising on quality.

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