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How To Download Full Size Instagram Profile Pictures

by Steven Brown


There is a lot of material available online for downloading Instagram-related content. However, there is a lot of material that is not present on the internet such as profile picture downloading.

Instagram post some limitations that bounds user not to a view the profile picture of any other user and its full form. The profile picture is rather capsulated in a circle-shaped DP that needs some serious science to bypass.

Third-party websites

Third-party websites are the answer to most of the questions that trouble us. Likewise, a third-party website that goes by the name of InstaZoom is the vary answer to your problem.

What is InstaZoom?

Insta Zoom is a downloading tool for all Instagram-related content. The website provides us the opportunity to view the enlarged profile picture that most website fail to furnish.

While maintaining your anonymity the website only needs a username to seal the searching deal for you. Here’s how:

  • Go to the Google Chrome and Search for a Keyword Instazoom.
  • Then Visit the Website Instazoom from the Google Search.
  • Go to the Instagram website and search for the user you want to download from
  • Copy the username and paste it into the search bar of InstaZoom website.
  • Hit Enter and you will be served with your desired results

Advantages of using InstaZoom

  • Anonymity: You want to maintain your privacy while downloading someone’s profile picture and it’s exactly what InstaZoom takes care of. You can download the profile picture without the original user getting notified about it.
  • Easy operation: It is extremely easy to learn, even a mildly educated man will understand the basics of the website. Moreover, it functions well with both Android and iOS so it’s a win-win situation from all possible ends.
  • Less time consuming: The time taken by this website is less than a minute. Yes! You heard it right in less than a minute you will get your required results and it is absolutely easy to install as the website itself does not require much space.
  • Free of cost: One of the biggest advantages that deserves an honorary mention is that the website is free of cost which means that you can download a full-sized Instagram DP without paying a penny for any software or downloading tools. It is difficult to find something free in these times of uncertainty and if we do find them then it becomes essential to try them once as it feels no less than any gift.


There are certain conditions in which the website won’t work:If you are low on space your website will not function because if there is no space to download the profile picture then there is also no use in downloading the website.

To create space you have to manually delete some files from your system or you need to use a microSD card that comes with your phone if it allows an expandable memory feature.

  • If your device has any virus then it will be impossible to load the website as the virus tends to corrupt the programming files which are forcefully shut down even if someone tries to open them.

An easy way out is to use an antivirus that can be downloaded or cracked via using the software. Run it on your device and free it from any sort of virus. Also, keep running the antivirus in the background so it will detect and kill the bug right away.

  • Downloading a copyright licensed image can land you in hot waters because a patent that is licensed can be used against you in a court of law so you should be really careful while downloading because this website won’t prevent you from downloading but it will your responsibility to cross-check rather than landing you in some serious trouble. 

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Before the beginning of this article, you might be clueless about downloading certain profile pictures but by the end of this article, I am sure that you would have gathered enough knowledge to help you and your friends.

Recommended InstaZoom to your peer group and see you climbing on top of the ladder as the hero of your inner circle. InstaZoom is fast, efficient, and reliable and serves your needs in just a single click.

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