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How to Ensure You’re Hiring a Quality Security Guard Company in Calgary

by Steven Brown
Hiring a Quality Security Guard Company in Calgary

Does your business need to hire a security guard in Calgary? Security is important to any company’s operations, especially if you work with confidential or sensitive information. But finding the right security guard company can be tricky. After all, so many security guard companies compete for the same customers. If you don’t research, it’s easy to end up with a substandard security guard company that won’t meet your needs. Being scared of hiring a security guard company isn’t necessary. Finding the perfect one for your company can be quite simple with the right approach. Keep reading for some insider insight on how to ensure you’re hiring a quality security guard company in Calgary!

Ask for References

You should first do this when interviewing potential security guard companies. This will give you a good idea of how customers feel about their services. First, list the standards you want in a security guard company. For instance, you might want a security guard company that’s been in business for five years and has at least 50 employees. Once you’ve got a list, start calling references.

Ask them the following questions: What were the main reasons for hiring this security guard company? What do you like about the security guard company? What do you dislike about the security guard company? How would you rate the service of this security guard company? What services do they provide? What do you like about the services? What do you dislike about the benefits? How much do they charge? How often do they send guards? How often do they conduct guard audits? How often do they conduct on-site inspections? How often do they conduct off-site checks? How many guards would they recommend for your company? What is their cancellation policy? And anything else you think might be relevant.

Check Licensing and Certification

All security personnel in Calgary must hold a valid Security Guard License issued by the Alberta Government. Additionally, all security guard companies in Calgary must be licensed by the Alberta Government and have a proper Special Authorization. When looking for security guard companies in Calgary, ensure they are licensed. This will ensure that they meet the legal requirements for operating in the city. And, it will save you the headache of dealing with unlicensed security guard companies that may not be legitimate. There are a few different classes of security guard licenses in Calgary: Full Security Guard License, Special Security License (Corporate Security), Restricted Security License (Special Event Security), and Sentry License (Airport Security). Ensure the security guard company you hire has the correct license for your needs.

Require a Security Audit

A security audit is essential to hiring a Calgary security company. The security guard company will visit your premises during this audit and assess your security needs. They’ll check everything from the layout of your building to how your employees conduct business. The auditor will look for potential security risks and suggest ways to eliminate or reduce them. And the auditor will also check your equipment to ensure it’s working properly. The auditor will then make a report of their findings. This report will include a list of recommendations for improving your current setup. And it will also have a price estimate for implementing their suggestions. Make sure the security guard company you hire conducts regular audits. This will help keep your operation secure. And it will also help identify any areas that need improvement.

Look at the Contract

A critical component of any contract is the terms and conditions. Ensure the contract contains the information necessary to protect both parties. You should also be sure to read the agreement carefully to make sure everything is as you expect. Some questions you should ask when reviewing a contract include: What will they charge me per guard per hour? What are their cancellation policies? What are their payment terms? What are their penalties for breach of contract? What are the security guard company’s hours of operation for conducting business? What are the security guard company’s terms of operation? What are the security guard company’s terms of providing service? Are there any other terms in the contract you think might be relevant? Make sure you fully understand the terms of the agreement. If anything is unclear, ask for clarification.


These are just a few ways to ensure you’re hiring a quality security guard company in Calgary. Check the company’s credentials, see if they’re licensed and certified, and read their contract carefully. Finally, interview each company to make sure they’re a good fit for your operation. Hiring a good security guard company can make a big difference in your process. Security guards are often the first defense against theft and other potential threats. So, it’s important to hire a company you can depend on. With the right approach, finding the perfect security guard company for your needs is easy.

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