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How to make Hand Bags for Collage going Girls?

by Steven Brown
How to make Hand Bags for Collage going Girls?

Making hand bags for college going girls isn’t so much intricate. Only you need a few things, and a right guide to promote stitching and that’s all. And yes, for this purpose, we are here to guide you that what things you might need on basic levels and what to do with them.

But if you missed any of the step, you might not be able to get a best stitched bags for girls at the end. So, stay with this article and pay thorough attention to each of the step.

Here’s your destination.

Steps To Make Bags For College Girls

Firstly, you should know about the structure or have an idea about what type of bag you need. In general, college bag for girls has a single zip and a pocket outside. But you can customize according to you and make two pockets or add more zips.

So, you have got an idea!

Now, take a piece of plastic cover, two zips (one larger and one shorter) and thin foams to put inside. You can also get a small plastic flower to put on front which add values to the eye-catchy look. Getting you know here that color selection of plastic cover is totally depends upon you. You can select what you like the most and proceed with it.

So, the steps of manufacturing began from here.

  • Take an already ready-made bag and get idea of cutting.
  • Cut your plastic cover sheet pieces accordingly
  • Shape foam by measuring with the pieces

Here you have done with the things going to be involved in stitching.

  • Now, take plastic sheet pieces and stitch them
  • Never forgot to place a foam piece on every stich

Always start stitching from bottom, then sides and you will be done with spherical stitching at the end. Don’t stitch the opening, rather you should do a thing. You can make piping, which is a procedure of folding the corners and stitching to avoid threads coming out.

  • Now, place the zip on opening and promote stitching.
  • Get a plastic flower and put on front with gum

Congratulations, you have done with the bag stitching for college girl in home. But the thing is, if you missed any step or never do this with proper care or any false in stitching your whole efforts, time and money will be ruined. So, do you take risks?

If so, then we wish you a good luck. But we recommend you to avoid doing such efforts when you are providing with best quality and well-designed bags at the same costs you need for investing in manufacturing at your own. Yes, you can put that time in exploring the best one. How’s simple?

Meet with the Bachaaparty’s bags for girls collection today and explore to get your best one. Plus, all of the bags are available at such costs that you can easily afford without any hassle.

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