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How To Make Your Gaming Setup Look Amazing 

by ssrajdeep

Have you ever considered how to make your gaming setup seem better without compromising your style or making a mess on your desk? There are many ways to upgrade and improve your gaming setup to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Naturally, the setup is heavily influenced by the player’s preferences because there is no restriction on how to precisely create an attractive gaming environment. 

So, video games may be very therapeutic, whether you are eliminating zombies, competing in auto races on digital asphalt, or controlling tanks to defend your nation. With that in mind, here are a few gamer room ideas that will turn any modest area into a gamer’s own heaven. 

  1. All Cables Should Be Hidden 

A setup with several wires dispersed around looks unattractive and restricts movement. Everyone struggles with cable management, but it is nearly impossible to recognize wires when done correctly.  

Remember that you must also organize all the cords underneath your desk. Otherwise, there is a chance you’ll trip over a cable, unplug it from the computer, or harm other desk-mounted equipment. 

Additionally, it’s pretty simple to cover wires whether your displays are monitor stands or wall-mounted. 

Either connect the wires to the PC using cable channels or build a more giant pipe out of cable sleeves below the desk. You can also make use of a 20 amp power strip to make sure the right amount of electricity is supplied to various plugins. Additionally, you can connect other cables, mainly if the PC features RGB lighting that illuminates the interior of the casing. Focusing on PC wire management is strongly recommended if you want to exhibit your PC on your desk too. 

  1. Maintain a Color Scheme 

Choose and stick to a color scheme to keep everything looking neat. When there are many different colors, the overall effect is cluttered. The theme may be any color you choose, but It’s recommended to keep them around 1-3. Ensure that any new items you purchase fit in with your existing gaming setup, if you already have one with a theme in mind. Along with the gaming gear and other items on or near your desk, you can change the color of your room’s walls.  

  1. Use Curtains to Control Light 

Getting enough lighting is crucial as it can significantly impact games. Too much light might be distracting, while not enough can make viewing the screen difficult. You can create the ideal setting for gaming by controlling light levels using curtains. 


  1. Install RGB and Decorative Lighting 

It’s one thing to have an excellent gaming setup, but another to make it look fantastic. You can instantly convert a dull area into a beautiful one with the proper lighting. RGB and decorative lighting are excellent ways to personalize and design your gaming environment. They are available in various colors and designs, so select the ones that best fit your setup. 

  1. Soundproofing for Personal Space 

The grinding of the wheels on asphalt and the deafening shooting in Modern Combat and PUBG can make the gaming area rather noisy. After all, you can’t just play with the volume at a whisper. Realistic audio tracks are essential to how the game system operates. But we can’t disregard the other people who live in the house or the peaceful neighbors. As a result, soundproofing is a brilliant answer to this issue. 

You can help keep your gaming experience confined in the room by adding some simple paneling or rubber lining to the doors and windows. If you’d like, the sliding doors of your game area can be made of glass or wood. When properly tuned, they are soundproof and provide an exceptional game station experience. 

  1. Choosing the Appropriate Home Theater System 

The devices and displays you pick contribute to half of the gaming experience. The most satisfactory gaming experience is made possible by surround sound, high-definition TV, and cutting-edge gaming consoles. 

As a result, selecting the proper home theater system is critical. But not everyone has access to a large playroom to accommodate a 60-inch television or computer screen. 

Most of us are forced to make do with computer systems that can fit in a tiny place or on a desk with a certain amount of space. 

Hence, while choosing your home theater system, consider the overall space, media unit, speakers, and connectors available. 

Select a home theater system that will fit snugly in your entertainment unit or gaming workstation. Besides, consider how much additional room you can make available for speakers, accessories, etc. 

  1. Purchase a Personalized Gaming Playmat 

Especially if you play games regularly, now is the time to purchase a gaming playmat if you don’t already have one. 

Some playmats are designed to withstand heavy or harsh use, while others prioritize smooth glide and beauty. 

A customized play mat may quickly transform a dull workspace and boost its overall design and feel. 

  1. Incorporate a Headphone Stand 

If you’re a frequent PC game player, you’re almost certainly utilizing an audio and microphone headset. A headphone stand is a smart choice if you want your PC setup to seem tidy and professional, even though you’ll likely leave it on your desk once you’re through. Hang your headset up when you’re through using it to prevent unintentional damage and tangled cables. 


As outlined in this article, you can take several steps to enhance and streamline your gaming setup. This gaming setup should be enjoyable for you to use for lengthy periods. Even though everyone has different tastes and passions, these few techniques can come in handy to quickly and easily set up a great gaming setup for anyone.  

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