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How to see Anonymously Instagram stories

by Steven Brown

If you want to see private content by anyone on Instagram, you have to go private. Unfortunately, there’s no other way to see private Instagram Stories, and Instagram users can’t be compelled to share their posts unless there’s a legal or other criminal investigation. The privacy setting is available in the Instagram app.

  • To go private, go to the profile page.
  • Click on the three dots icon in the top right of your profile picture and select “Posts and Direct Messages” in the drop-down menu. You can also click on the settings icon at the bottom of your profile page.
  • Once there, click on “Privacy and Security.”
  • In the Privacy and Security section, you will see a “Public” setting.
  • In the Posting Settings, you will see the “All” setting.
  • Click on “Public” to turn your Instagram posts into private content.

However, you still can’t hide all your Instagram accounts from your Facebook account — just your Instagram account.

Furthermore, In this era of the internet almost everyone shares their thoughts about seeing Instagram stories anonymously, but we recommended to all of you use Smihub tool for Seeing Instagram stories of any of your friends or other people without showing your profile.

What should you do if someone sends you a “private message” from Instagram?

In general, you can’t be forced to open a private message. If you’re concerned about sending unsolicited private messages, you can set a period of time in which you do not wish to receive private messages from an Instagram account.

To do this, go to the profile page of the Instagram user. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Settings. Select the Account setting and choose Messages in the Account Settings menu. Here, you can set an activation date and duration. It’s best to set the period of time between 24 hours to a week.

If you’ve given this feature access to all your accounts, you will get an email when someone sends you a private message.

You can see all of your private Instagram messages on the person’s profile page.

Instagram says users can report and block and delete users they believe are sending you messages they shouldn’t.

If you see private content, who can see it?

All Instagram users can see your private Instagram Stories, images and videos. That includes celebrities and the people you follow. However, Instagram says your Instagram account can only be visible to your followers.

Unfortunately, if you accidentally post something to your Facebook account — such as a picture of someone you’d just met — the social network can still access it.

Instagram said it will continue to work to protect your account. It said the protections it offers are similar to those you get for Facebook’s Instagram app, including the ability to report or block users from sending you private messages. Instagram also said you will always see posts from people you follow if you are logged in to the service.

To protect your Instagram account, you can choose to log out of Facebook and delete the Instagram app entirely. You should then download your Instagram data to prevent that data from being taken by Facebook.

Facebook also can see when you’re logged out of Instagram because it knows that you can see posts from your friends and family, who can also be logged out.

If you lose access to Facebook and Instagram, it can take up to 90 days to reactivate your account. You will have to start from scratch on Instagram.

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