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How to Select the Best Sublimation Printer for Heat Transfer?

by Steven Brown
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It is essential to decide what you are trying to create before selecting the best sublimation printer for heat transfer.

Your choice will be affected by the type of blank product you are customizing. And as a different printer will be needed for printing on large surfaces like fabric or small objects like mugs, coasters, covers, and other products graphics or photographs. 

You may also have to keep other features in mind, such as speed, cost, and printing field. And the number of ink colors supported while purchasing selecting the printer.

Sizes of the Best Sublimation Printer:

Sublimation printers are categorized under the following sizes when it comes to the printing field. And the size of the product. It is worth mentioning that the printing-field size is a little less compared to the product size as the printers don’t print on the edges. 

Narrow Format:

These units are non-autonomous and commercial-grade. Their printing field size ranges from 24 to 44 inches. They are perfect for developing businesses that demand to create images in bulk. Visit https://skilledprint.com/

Wide Format:

They are units that are also non-autonomous, but they are better at any industrial level. Their printing field size ranges from 44 to 104 inches. These are usually use for production establishments that need to produce printed fabrics, garments, banners, etc. 

Tips for Print-Field Size:

The basic idea is to purchase the minimalist printer, which prints the largest image required. As an example, if your printing needs are limited to 12″ x 18″ designs: then a 13″ x 19″ printer is perfect for you. You can also use a 24-inch non-autonomous printer. However, it wouldn’t be the best option if your average printing requirements don’t go as high as 24 inches.

The printing time should ideally be close to a minute as it usually takes 1 minute for pressing in the production process to a minute. Understandably larger images might take more time to print. In certain circumstances, it is more reasonable to make use of numerous small printers working in pairs. And as it helps generate more images instead of using a larger printer. 

Number of Ink Colors

Inkjet printers create several output colors by combining all the base ink colors. A lot of printers only support four colors that are cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK). 

Whereas few units can support eight colors in the base, these extra colors may include orange, blue, green, etc. they produce high-resolution images as they have proper colors beforehand. 

Printing Speed

Certain sublimation ink sets work for functions concentrating mainly on graphics and color matching.

Expanded-gamut inks are ideal for this. Such as, the Subli-Jet-HD XG ink is best for functions focusing on the colors such as logos. This is because it substitutes colors like light blacks with oranges and blues, therefore, enhancing reds, oranges, blues, and purples.

On the other hand, in an eight-color set, fluorescent pink and yellow substitute for two light black inks. Allowing the user to add a wide range of bright colors to certain areas in images or simply create entirely bright images for superior effects. And which cannot be produced by a unit that only supports CMYK. It can further be used in a wide range of products that require fluorescent colors. And such as safety and high-visibility products.

These unique sublimation inks prove how technology is being improves to make things simpler and better. While each printer may not support each ink, you should still stay up to date about what your supplier proposes.

Final Verdict:

Conclusively, if you are looking for the best sublimation printer for heat transfer, then make sure to mainly keep your attention on the supported ink sets. And what your procedure requires. A wide range of colors will mean a larger number of sublimation prospects. And which will certainly raise profits and help develop your business.

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