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How to Setup a Business in Dubai Mainland

by Steven Brown
Business Setup in Dubai

Dubai is the most accessible place for business. It is the center of international trade. It offers hundreds and thousands of opportunities for investors to thrive. Investors consider Dubai the safest place for investment. In other words, Business Setup in Dubai is the most attractive idea of the time.

Dubai has three different areas to start a business, also known as jurisdictions. Following are the three jurisdictions of Dubai:

  1. Free Zone
  2. Mainland
  3. Offshore

All three jurisdictions have different benefits and drawbacks. Investors can freely choose the jurisdiction that suits them and their business the most. There are no limitations, but businessmen must strictly follow each jurisdiction’s rules and regulations. 

Business Setup in Dubai Mainland

Mainland companies are also called Onshore Companies. The most attractive feature of this jurisdiction is that mainland companies have the authority to trade freely, both inside and outside their origin. This jurisdiction no longer requires a resident to sponsor the formation of your company in Dubai.

Steps to Start a Business Setup in Dubai Mainland

The steps to start a Business Setup in Dubai Mainland are the following:

Choose a Business Activity

Any business’s main objective is to succeed. Selecting a project, for this reason, can be challenging due to the abundance of possibilities. You should choose the activity of your business very carefully as the success rate of your business depends upon your ideology. It would be best if you chose the business about which you have a piece of significant knowledge. 
The project feasibility you choose for your company’s activity is the main thing you need to consider. Additionally, pay attention to the analysis of the viability and profitability of the company you intend to choose. Decide on a business plan for a company formation in Dubai after making informed choices.

Do a Detailed Research

You must be very knowledgeable about your idea before starting any business. You should know about both the advantages and disadvantages of your business. Similarly, you should have extensive research and get guidance on every element of your business before a Company Formation in Dubai.
Dubai offers investors a variety of business techniques while maintaining a strict set of laws and regulations. Before commencing a Business Setup in Dubai, it is important to do extensive research on the legal and tax requirements of the UAE.
You can launch a prosperous business in Dubai if you have complete information about your project, market strategies, and competition. Knowing your skills and limitations makes it easier for you to deal with every situation. Therefore, a thorough study is required before establishing a business in Dubai.

Get An Approval

You need to get the DED’s approval before launching any business in Dubai. Additional approvals are required to establish a business that offers commodities, securities, or legal services. For safety, record, and registration, an initial approval is required.

Open A Corporate Bank Account

After selecting the location and learning about the management of your company, it’s time to discuss money and the details of transactions. After all, every company or investor wants to boost their earnings and expand their business. 

The most important part of any business is managing money on the ney. You can achieve the top position if you have good management. On the other hand, you ruin your business if you lack good management. Hence, a bank’s help to manage the flow of money is a wise choice. 
Any business must have a bank account to handle and monitor cash flow. To find a comprehensive solution to all the problems with money management, you must open a corporate bank account in Dubai. You can resolve all the financial issues very quickly with the help of a Corporate Bank Account in Dubai. 

Get A Professional License

You must have a professional license for a company formation in Dubai. The process includes registering the company name, filling out an application, compiling all proper documents, and sending it to the relevant authority. The professional license is issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai. Before receiving a license to begin the operations, they will assess the application and related documents.

Required Documents

  • Name reservation Certificate
  • Certificate of initial approval
  • Tenancy contract
  • Passport copies of all the partners (not for a sole proprietorship)
  • Approval from external departments
  • Copy of Memorandum of Association


Starting any business anywhere in the world is never easy. But it is even more tricky regarding A Company Formation in Dubai. Dubai is the center of trade; therefore, having a successful business there is tough. 

You should use the most innovative tricks to win the competition. The competition is growing harder daily; hence one should be very careful regarding the ideology. Yet, A Business Setup in Dubai is the wisest choice one can ever make. Investors can enjoy a luxurious life by having a successful business in Dubai. 

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