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Ideal direction for sleeping. Are you sleeping right?

by Steven Brown

When it comes to sleep, we almost always look for a cozy, comfortable environment and the best possible home and bedroom design to give us the most restful sleep. Sleep is perhaps the most critical component of our routine, as it provides both our minds and bodies the rest they need to function correctly.

Why should you choose the best direction to sleep?

But there is much more to sleep than a comfortable bed and a relaxed sleep environment. The direction in which you sleep also holds significant importance in your life and has a massive significance as per different points of view, believe it or not. As per different ideologies and sciences, the directions in which you sleep deeply impact your sleep and life as a whole. As per some sciences, it has an impact from a health and wellness standpoint, while from other perspectives, there is a lifestyle impact.

Let’s dive in and look into why choosing the best direction to sleep is essential:

Vaastu Shastra

The ancient science of Vaastu Shasta is a long-standing, tried, tested, and proven method to discern many things regarding our homes and various lifestyle choices, such as directions, placements, and positions of various rooms, etc. Millions of people worldwide believe in the proven benefits of doing things as per Vaastu, which also impacts many sleep-related decisions, such as the best direction to sleep.

According to the Vaastu Shastra, the direction of your sleep directly correlates to your mental and physical wellness. The best direction to sleep as per Vaastu Shastra is the south. Vaastu tells us that the cosmic world around us is constantly emitting energies throughout time, and it is upon us humans to stay oriented to these energies to create a balance to channel our lives. The next best direction is stated as the east, followed by the west, with the north being advised against.

As per Vaastu, the south is the best direction as it is coordinated with the energies in such a way that allows you to take in positive vibrations and energies while clearing out the negative ones. It is also the direction of Yama, which is the Hindu deity of positivity and happiness.

Feng shui

Like Vaastu Shastra, Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese study of geomancy and recommends the best direction to sleep according to its logic.

As per Feng Shui, the best direction is south due to the impact of southward energy, which is believed to be enriching for mind and body’s energy or the Chi flow as per the ancient science.

Feng Shui practitioners claim that facing with the head pointed towards the south allows the energy to flow into your body, helping clear mental clutters while filling you with a relaxed feeling of bliss, promoting restful sleep.

Ayurveda and scriptures

As per Ayurveda, sleeping with your head pointing south is also considered the best option for restful sleep. Ayurveda shares its roots and logic with Vaastu Shastra, along with basing the body’s interaction on the five core elements. Even in old scriptures such as Mahabharatha, there are mentions of sleeping with head towards the south. This is due to the opposite energies attracting each other to create a synchronized and harmonic flow of energies. This is said to result in a night of more relaxed sleep, leading to better and clear thinking as the mind stays balanced and full of positive energy at the beginning of each new day.

Modern science

Modern sciences, too, have a take on the best direction to sleep, and it may not come as a surprise by now because the answer is in sync with other ideologies above. Research and various studies have concluded that the human body is sensitive to the Earth’s electromagnetic core and energy. And sleeping with the head facing south is beneficial due to this direction’s best alignment. Due to the alignment of Earth’s electromagnetic field, sleeping with your head facing south can help lower blood pressure, make you feel more relaxed, and improve sleep quality.

On the flip side, however, sleeping with your head facing north can be very counterproductive. This is because the head also acts as the body’s north pole and increases the magnetic pull, which may cause increased blood pressure, causing discomfort.


Each science has its depictions, logic, and explanations behind choosing the south as the best direction to sleep, essentially arriving at the same result. The final answer remains that the south is the best direction to sleep, even though all these sciences may have a different opinion about the other directions.

If you are facing issues with your sleep, such as restlessness, waking up repeatedly, or lack of comfort overall, you may want to try this option and rearrange your bed so that your head faces towards the south. Many people have claimed to feel long and positive impacts so that you may experience some changes too. Do not expect immediate changes but a more gradual impact as you sleep in the best direction daily.

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