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Incredible House Extensions Ideas Reinvent Your Spaces

by Williumson
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Adding more space to your home can be a thoughtful decision to make. It helps you utilize your available living space to the fullest. And with the help of professional Builders Putney services, you can reinvent your spaces in a very modern and stylish manner.

There are several ways to add more space and functionality to your homes. And house extensions are one of them. They help you utilize your living spaces to their best capacity, without cramping up everything. If done right, even the smallest spaces can be extended in an amazing manner.

If you are sorted out about the type of extension you want to opt for your home; it is great. But if you are still wondering what can be done; then we are here to be your saviors! We have culled up the top best ideas for beautiful house extensions in Camden. Stop thinking and start planning today.

Add a Contemporary Kitchen:

Adding a contemporary kitchen is one of the most common house extensions these days. A lot of people are adding contemporary kitchens to their homes. These look absolutely stunning and add a very regal outlook to the space. If you are on a budget, you can discuss the possibilities with the builders as a contemporary kitchen won’t come cheap, at all.


If you want an affordable house extension idea then adding a sunroom is definitely going to be cost-effective for you. Sunrooms don’t require planning permits either, thus they are easier to get started with as well. This is usually an open space, where the sunbeams in fully. It is a great addition for lounging around with your family or for simply adding more space to your house.

Outdoor Spaces:

When planning to extend your house, don’t forget to keep your outdoor space into consideration. Covered patios are trending a lot lately.

Builders Putney
Carpenter Cutting House Roof Supports On Building Site

They create an incredible space for you to have fun with your friends and family. It is best to create covered outdoor spaces so that it remains usable in all types of weather and you can also enjoy your cup of coffee there, on a beautiful rainy day.

Frame for Views:

Refurbing your window styles is a great way to enhance your extensions. Elongated and narrow windows are unique and they create panoramic elements in your space. If you have a great landscape view outdoor; you can install the window in a way that the view shines in. low level, elongated views are a major trend for extension spaces and you won’t regret adding them to your layout, at all.

Let the Natural Light In:

Create space for your natural light to beam in, as much as possible. Allowing sunlight to shine, in your extended space is a great way to make it look more spacious and warm. Glazed windows and doors can help you achieve this wonderfully. Discuss the possibilities with your builders during the initial planning stage to make sure that it turns out perfectly.


There is a lot that one can do, to add more functional space to their House Extension Camden. We usually have a lot of utilized space on our property, without realizing it. However, with the help of a professional builder Putney service, like Refurb My London, you can unleash the potential of your available space and extend your home in a beautiful way.

Make sure that you discuss the extension plan and layout, in detail, with your contractor before starting the project. Have a clear vision in your mind and communicate everything with the team to ensure that the outcome is as per your requirements.

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