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Is 50 CC Motorcycle Insurance Necessary?

by Steven Brown
Is 50 CC Motorcycle Insurance Necessary?

Is 50 CC Motorcycle Insurance Necessary?

Is 50 CC Motorcycle Insurance Necessary? 50 cc motorized bicycles are in L1 class in the Highway Traffic Regulation. The L1 class includes two-wheeled vehicles with a maximum speed not exceeding 45 km/h.


For 50 cc vehicles, which are considered as motorized bicycles because they are in L1 class, there is a provision in Article 103 of the Highway Traffic Law No. 2918, “The legal liability of non-motorized vehicles and motorbike drivers are subject to general provisions”.

50 cc motorized bicycles are not subject to Compulsory Traffic Insurance in accordance with the General Conditions of Highways Motor Vehicles Compulsory Liability Insurance. Therefore, since it does not exceed 50 cc, it poses a risk of possible accidents and subsequent financial payments. The damages, disability, and death compensations incurred at the time of the accident will remain with the user of the motorbike and will be charged. This leads to difficulties in paying large damages, and if it is not paid, it will create grievances for both parties. It is not possible to enter 50 cc motorized bicycles on the policy creation screens. If anything is done, it is carried out on motorcycles in other categories, which is not true.


TÜVTÜRK does not stipulate Compulsory Traffic Insurance for L1 category motorbikes with 49 ccs or less to be inspected. In other words, motorbikes are subject to inspection without Compulsory Traffic Insurance.


Here it is necessary to distinguish between a 50 cc motorcycle and a 50 cc motorized bicycle. The two are separate from each other. If your license says motorcycle, you need to take out insurance and pass the inspection.0

They pay for accidents, they do it according to the material damage defect. If you take out private motor insurance, you will receive your entire accident as payment. But it depends on the features of your motor insurance. I don’t know if it provides auto insurance for 50cc motorcycles. Some insurance companies don’t, you may have to ask. Contact sairsigorta.com and motokasko.com by filling out a message or form, and they will inform you. one

I sent the picture of the license to my wearer and he told me that these are motorbikes, they are not insured, because 50 cc inn would be an accident etc.-one

In your license, your L1 or L2 class vehicle is referred to as a 2-wheel or 3-wheel motorbike. Therefore, it is not covered by traffic insurance according to the Highway Traffic Law. traffic insurance is not made, there is no such class on traffic insurance screens. If L3 is written on the license, your vehicle is a motorcycle and is normally insured. It is said that not every insurance company does it, there are some who do… The state determines the scope and conditions of traffic insurance. Insurance companies cannot change this as they wish. Let me simply explain how it works. While trying to issue a policy, the vehicle class motorcycle is selected on the screen and the policy is issued (completely wrong application). if there is any damage, it is just a piece of paper that has been paid for

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