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Is Couples Counseling the Next Step for Me and My Significant Other?

by Steven Brown
Is Couples Counseling the Next Step for Me and My Significant Other

Many couples wait too long after an intermarital issue arises before seeking help. The longer a problem remains, the more likely negative behaviors and feelings are to develop. A marriage counselor can help you resolve your problems. Here are reasons to seek couples counseling. 

You or Your Partner Lies or Keeps Secrets

You and your spouse may need relationship counseling when you start keeping secrets from each other. When spouses start lying or keeping secrets about important issues, it may mean a bigger problem in the relationship. This could imply that you no longer trust your spouse with certain feelings or information. This could also mean you no longer care enough to share things with them.

You’re Only Staying Together for the Sake of the Kids

You may try to stay in a toxic or even abusive marriage for the sake of your children. This can be detrimental to your children’s health and well-being if there are fights and tension in the home. Children are intuitive and will often detect trouble or unhappiness.

A relationship therapist can help you determine whether your relationship is repairable. In some cases, living apart may be better for everyone. Therapy can assist you in determining whether there is possibility for true healing and finding ways to strengthen the positive feelings you have for your partner. If healing is not feasible, therapy may help negotiate and work toward a peaceful separation.

Infidelity in Your Marriage

Infidelity in a marriage can be a huge challenge to overcome. Infidelity is a breach of trust that is incredibly difficult to repair on your own. An unfaithful partner rarely acts without a reason.

Although infidelity is highly discouraged, spouses must know that it results from a marriage breakdown. This may be sexual, but it might also be emotional. Men who do not feel respected by their spouses are more likely to cheat. Women who do not feel loved by their husbands may also cheat. Loneliness is also the leading cause of infidelity.

Communication Is Negative or Results in Fights

Indifference could be a sign that you need marriage counseling. A severe communication breakdown may manifest as every conversation ending in argument or fighting. This can result in one or both partners being oversensitive, defensive, or acting out of hurt when there is no rationale.

This kind of dysfunctional interaction may inhibit genuine productive communication and progress. A skilled therapist may teach you and your partner how to heal from a bad fight and communicate more effectively.

Challenges With Extended Family or Friends

You of course have relationships with individuals outside your partnership as a couple, including friends, children, extended family, coworkers, and supervisors, and more. These relationships can be positive or negative. You or your partner may feel that people have crossed boundaries, or that toxic people have affected your relationship. 

A therapist can help you better understand this issue. You will be able to establish healthy boundaries to reduce any tension, stress, or insecurities. They can help in discussing your concerns about individuals you (or they) feel threatened by, and how to spend quality time together as a couple. 

You Feel Like You Are Roommates

You may find it difficult to keep the spark alive after staying in a relationship for a long time. You get caught up in your daily to-do list, work, and children, and forget to invest quality intimate time together. So, it’s common to feel more like a roommate than a soulmate with your spouse.

If you’ve felt detached in recent months, scheduling a regular date night or making time for one another can make a huge difference. If you’ve been drifting apart, counseling can help you identify what has gone wrong and figure out how to reconnect. They may also provide specific strategies for prioritizing each other without feeling that the rest of your life is ignored. 

Seek Couples Counseling Today

Every relationship is challenging in some way. Conflict, disagreement, and hurt will occur even in the best times! Relationship counseling can assist couples in growing and healing. The behaviors changed and lessons learned will continue serving you for much longer time than the therapy itself. Consider couples counseling to enhance mutually beneficial change for years to come.

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