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Is iTop VPN Safe to Use?

by Steven Brown


Today, in this era of digitalization, privacy issues on the internet are increasing rapidly across the globe. If you’re using the free VPN site or service, the information you provide is collected from different sources and is used for various reasons. In addition, 74 percent of users living in the US have restricted their internet access due to privacy issues. In contrast, 26 percent of Internet users who are not able to limit their entertainment and wish to have freedom have begun using VPN services. Thus, with the numerous advantages and benefits VPNs offer, their usage is growing quickly. But, when we think of a reliable and, more importantly, the most affordable or secure VPN service ITop VPN is the first name that comes to the forefront.

iTop VPN Advanced Encryption

The iTop VPN is an excellent option for Windows users looking for a VPN service that safeguards your information and stops hackers from interception of your traffic. The software provides security of military-grade encryption as well as the kill switch to safeguard your personal information. You can use it across multiple devices without needing a third-party VPN. If you are unsure which VPN is the best choice, look at a trial version of VPN. VPN service.

iTop VPN offers the users the highest level of security and encryption with a no-logs policy. It ensures privacy and, with its military-grade security, can shield itself from cyber-attacks. Additionally, it comes with a Kill Switch feature, which guarantees that the company won’t reveal your true identity online. Besides, if your internet connection is lost, it will immediately disconnect it.

  • Military Grade Encryption

Another advantage of iTop VPN for Windows is that it provides top-of-the-line military-grade encryption that ensures your privacy is secure wherever you go. The VPN disguises your real location and blocks your online activities, such as streaming, browsing, online payments, and much more, from being viewed by security agencies and hackers.

  • Ad-blocker

iTop VPN is an excellent free VPN that safeguards your computer from unwanted ads and cyber-attacks. It blocks harmful ads and leaves no trace of advertising left behind. It also stops the virus from malware on your system. iTop includes an inbuilt ad-blocker that blocks pop-ups, advertisements, and malware when browsing the web. This feature is not available to all users for users who don’t have an account with a premium subscription.

  • Kill Switch

Another great feature of iTop VPN is the kill switch. This VPN service will instantly “kill” your device’s internet connection if the VPN connection is cut off. So you’ll be secure any time your network is at risk. When you install and download iTop, It won’t include the Kill Switch set to activate automatically. Navigating through “Privacy & Security” and switching on “Kill Switch” to get enhanced security is necessary.

  • No-Log Policy

If you’re using a VPN that records your data, you’re taking the keys to your data vault off of ISP and transferring it over to the VPN company. The company never monitors and stores or sells your information. Your data remains secure, and your online history remains a secret. Besides, the premium plans offered by iTop guarantee that they will not keep or store any log information about user activities to sell to unauthorized third parties.


iTop VPN for Windows is the best free VPN for PC and an excellent VPN service that guards your privacy while encrypting your online traffic. You can also unblock social media sites and browse the web with total privacy. The VPN is simple to download and install. To install the VPN, get the installer executable from iTopVP’s site and follow Windows wizard directions to create your account. After successfully installing your VPN client software, you can sign in with your credentials to start using the internet with absolute privacy and security.

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