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In Vitro Fertilization: Cost, process, due date calculator and More

by Steven Brown

Nowadays not becoming parents is a major issue in many parts of the world. The reason behind this could be many. But! one  reason is infertility. Infertility is a big issue and everyone must take it seriously. But! With each progress in technology and medical science, doctors and scientists have discovered the method by which even women going through Infertility issues can conceive a child. This method is known as In Vitro Fertilization. 

In Vitro Fertilization is still a confusing topic for many people. This may be due to lack of knowledge and information. In this article I will be discussing every single detail about In Vitro Fertilization. Stay tuned till last.

What is In Vitro Fertilization?

 In Vitro Fertilization is a technique in which an egg is fertilized in a controlled  environment outside the uterus and then after the fertilization and development of the embryo the embryo is transferred to the uterus again. It is the most effective assisted reproductive technology with a high success rate. In Vitro Fertilization can be opt by people if-

  • If natural pregnancy is not taking place.
  • If the person or couple is suffering from the issue of infertility.
  • If there are abnormal sperm parameters.
  • If a fallopian tube is blocked.

Whatever the reason may be, In Vitro Fertilization is the solution and a couple can become  parents if they are facing one of the above mentioned problems. Well! If you think that IVF is a one step process then you are highly mistaken. Let’s see what  are the steps involved in In Vitro Fertilization. There are various fertility centres in in different parts of the world. You can consult at the top ivf center in mumbai if you live in India. There are various other options such as assisted hatching and more.

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In Vitro Fertilization Process

In Vitro Fertilization is a four step and a very complex process. The steps involved are-

  • Superovulation- Another name of this process is controlled ovarian hyperstimulation. In this process  women’s ovaries fertility is increased by giving  luteinizing hormone or follicle stimulating hormone in order to produce more eggs.  This is better monitored by transvaginal ultrasound scans.
  • Retrieving the eggs-  Now, in this process the eggs which were released by the ovaries are collected by a small or minor surgery known as follicular aspiration or egg retrieval.

This surgery is done with the help of a needle over which suction device is fit. Now it is inserted into an ovary through vagina. The suction collects all the eggs and follicular fluids.

  • Insemination, Fertilization and Embryo Culture-  Now the collected eggs are kept with sperm in a controlled environment such that the sperm enters the egg after some time. This direct injection of sperm into the egg is called intracytoplasmic sperm injection.

Now, the Fertilization process begins. The egg divides to form an embryo and after reaching the blastocyst stage the embryo is  for chromosomal abnormalities or aneuploidies.   At the same time, the uterus is given medication for the safe implantation of the embryo.  

  • Embryo transfer- Now, in this stage the embryo is transferred to the uterus. At one time only one embryo is transferred. Generally the embryo is transferred within 3-5 days after fertilization with the help of a thin tube. Now the implantation will start soon after the injection of the embryo and marks the beginning of pregnancy.

Many people have one question in mind:  is there 100% chance of a woman to be pregnant after going through such a long and complex process? Well! The rate of success will depend on many things. Here are some of them.

IVF Success Rate

You can better understand the IVF success rate by the  Live Births per Egg Retrieval percentage-

  • The Live Births per Egg Retrieval  is 54% in women belonging to the age group below 35.
  • The Live Births per Egg Retrieval is 41.1% in women belonging to the age group between 35-37.
  • The Live Births per Egg Retrieval percentage is 26.7%  in women belonging to the age group between 38-40
  • The Live Births per Egg Retrieval percentage is 13% in women belonging to the age group between 41- 42
  • The Live Births per Egg Retrieval percentage is 4.2% in women belonging to the age group of 43 and above.

Not only this the rate of success will also depend on factors like- Infertility cause, ovarian reserve test results, if pregnancy has occurred before or not, what are the strategies you will opt etc.

Many people are not opting for the In Vitro Fertilization technique because of its high cost. Yes! IVF costs are high and many middle class people cannot afford it.  Have a look at the cost-

IVF Cost

Vitro Fertilization in India could cost you between Rupees  2 Lakh to 4 Lakh which is a big amount for a normal earning family and even next to impossible for the person belonging to a poor family.  But! If you have health insurance then you can pursue your treatment as many insurance companies provide cover for treatment like In Vitro Fertilization. So! If you are lucky enough then you might pursue this treatment.

Now! Once all the process is completed and if your test confirms for pregnancy then you need to know about your due date. The date of the arrival of your baby. So here’s a little information about the calculation of the due date. Let’s have a look- 

Due Date Calculation

In order to calculate the due date, the due date calculator is often used. In order to calculate the due date you have to put some basic information like-

  • Day 3 embryo transfer
  • Day 5 embryo transfer
  • IVF with own eggs
  • IVF with fresh donor eggs cycle
  • Fresh donor embryos cycle

Also the Ultrasound  check up you go after the confirmation of your pregnancy helps in identifying the due date. 

Once you know about the due date, wait for your baby’s arrival.


In Vitro Fertilization is a method which is opted by a couple undergoing infertility issues. Well! It is advisable that before you decide and make up your mind for In Vitro Fertilization, you should think and examine the rate of success. Since, In Vitro Fertilization’s success rate is highly dependent on your age and many other factors, therefore you should consider  those factors. In Vitro Fertilization is not a painful process but definitely a complex and long one. Apart from considering the factors you should consider the cost too. Opt only when your pockets allow you to do so. Also! Do not choose any random clinic for this process due to the low price. Always choose the clinic with a high rate of success because it’s a matter of your health.

Thank You!

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