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Renovation of the wood stove

by Steven Brown

Your wood stove casing serves a functional purpose by protecting. non-burning surfaces from the heat of the fire. But it also serves a decorative purpose, as ready-made frames. are available in different styles.

, a fireplace consists of a hearth, a frame, and a hearth. although some wood-burning fireplaces rise into the flue without an enclosure. In this case, the oven itself provides a decorative element to the room. but for fire safety, the stove is still necessary. In case of fires. the building regulations of the surrounding walls are also followed.the building regulations of the surrounding.

Building regulations

Building regulations must a furnace to be install to protect non-combustible. materials from the heat of the furnace and accidental ash spillage. The fireplace itself should be mad of non-combustible. material,.such as concrete or masonry.

For wood-burning stoves built in alcoves and free-standing stoves. there are instructions of the size of the stove. Built-in ovens must extend at least 150mm from the sides and 300mm from. the front, and freestanding ovens must have a smallest oven size of 840mm x 840mm. The oven must also be at least 125 mm thick with a 50 mm gap between the oven and the burning material or 250 mm thick.

The casing must also be mad of non-combustible materials,

and if the oven is place in a chimney, there are requirements for the thickness. of the walls and the materials from which the oven it built. For example, the walls of a masonry chimney must be at least 100 mm thick. but if the walls separate the room from another part or the house. they must be locate at least 200 mm from the inside of the flue or have the desired openings of 40 mm from the flue. Chimney surface.

The recesses near the fireplace and chimneys must also. be made of non-combustible protect wall next to stove and the thickness of the inner walls must be at least 200 mm. For safety reasons, the dimensions of the flues must also. follow building standards.

All work carried out must reported to the local

Planning department to ensure that all requirements met. You can also hire a qualified installer who knows the building regulations.

In the case of some fireplaces. the fireplace becomes part of the living space when it protrudes from the wall. So it is possible that you do not need to buy a separate fireplace core for this type of fireplace.

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