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Latest ads and music

by Steven Brown

Today, in a sea of ​​marketing noise, it’s even harder to get your message across to the masses. You pay a lot for media like TV and radio and wonder how you’re going to get your message straight into the minds of consumers long after your 30- or 60-second ad is over.

Too often, radio and TV stations underserve their customers by offering a simple dubbing, a quickly written copy, and a piece of music that will stay in place. Radio and TV ads are created very quickly because the station is only interested in selling the media, not the customer. This “let’s go on the air” mentality; So many advertisers have been burned by radio and television stations that they don’t want to go back to electronic media. So if electronic media is full of such problems, why are we talking about it here? Good question.

In fact, there is a common point that the brands we remember the most,

 Have their names written by trusting our conscience and subconscious every year. Ok, tell me what happened!!! It’s simple – use music! Why does music support what is spoken in the movies and add to a sense of timeless lyricism? The effect of music on our senses is very real and like few other artistic forms it evokes memory. Music can take you back to your childhood, get your heart rate up, or just make you cry.

How do you transfer your message to music? First of all, you should choose a slogan or theme that best describes your business. This is often partially reflected in your business mission. This theme should be simple and easy to remember. “We bring good things to life” or “The touch that touches the fabric of our lives” and “I am Bibber – wouldn’t you like to be Bibber too!” I bet you sang the melody of these lyrics!

Once you’ve set your theme, you can define a musical style you want to focus on production. For example, if your business sells motorcycles, Rock-n-Roll might be a favorite style of music to give it that rebellious sound. If you’re selling mattresses, a soft-sounding New Age instrument that labels the place with your theme or name might be perfect.

Now that you have identified your theme and musical direction,

 A music writer can add a melody to it. If you want to make sure your new jingle works really well in the: 30 and: 60 second range, going to a jingle/commercial music company is a great way to go. It’s a lot cheaper than you might think, and the quality of your music will be far better than having a friend or colleague write and sing at your weekend 풀싸롱 meetings.

Don’t get me wrong: you can sometimes catch lightning in a jingle-producing bottle without professional help, but more often you’ll get electrocuted. Don’t be like many companies with a terrible jingle and not in front of an audience who spends tens of thousands of dollars on it weekend and week, but just in front of a laughing audience, especially if the ad isn’t supposed to be funny.

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