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Lip Balm For Dry Skin | What is And How Often It Should be Used

by Steven Brown
best lip balm for dry lips

Lip balm is one of the most common skincare items we use today, but it’s also something that few people really think about. In fact, most people just grab any chapstick instead of the best lip balm for dry lips they can find and think they’re good to go.

But in reality, there are different kinds of lip balm for each type of lip and different things to think about when you start using it regularly. For example, did you know that it’s possible to use too much lip balm, even if your lips are dry?

Knowing what lip balm is and how often you should use it will help you get the most out of it.

What is Lip Balm?

Lip balms are made to do one thing: protect your lips. This could be done in a number of ways, depending on the ingredients and purpose of the lip balm.

Lip balm  can:

  • Dry lips and skin should be moisturized.
  • SPF lip balm work as a sunscreen.
  • Promote overall lip health

Most organic skin care products have at least two active ingredients or agents: a moisturizing ingredient like glycerin, petroleum jelly, shea butter or lanolin, and wax that helps the formula stick to your lips. The resulting lip balm should be easy to apply over your lips a few times to protect and moisturize them for a long time, depending on what you need.

How Often Can You Use Lip Balm?

You would not be wrong to think that using lip balm whenever you need to is a good idea. Many people who use vegan skincare products often every day, more than once, at several key times during the day:

1. In The Morning:

When you wake up, your lips are probably dry. You can put some lip balm on after you take a shower or even before you shower if you need to go for a run on a cold winter morning.

2. After Every Meal:

If you eat three times a day, you should put on fresh lip balm after each meal. This is because as you eat, you lick your lips or get saliva on the surface of your lips in other ways. This wears away the lip balm you put on before, so you have to put it on again for natural beauty.

3. Before Going to Bed:

Putting some lip balm on before you go to bed will help keep your lips from drying out while you sleep. This is also important because most people breathe through their mouths when they sleep, which naturally dries out their lips.

Most people who use lip balm often put it on when the last layer doesn’t feel like it’s there anymore. Depending on the exact ingredients, a lip balm’s protective layer only lasts for up to four or five hours in total. Some lip balms may have instructions for how often to reapply on their tubes or containers.

Overall, lip balm, especially the best lip balm for dry lips made with natural ingredients, can help your lips look, feel, and stay healthy. Because of the things we do every day and the weather, our lips often get a little bit chapped. But lip balm can fix that.

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