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Look At Some Different Types Of Essential Items Of Fire Fighting Equipment 

by Steven Brown

The threat of fire is always present. Despite this, many business owners believe it is a threat that will never come knocking. Fires can happen anytime, in any location, and for various reasons. As a result, having dependable fire fighting equipment Dubai backed up by dedicated fire protection equipment services is vital. It is the most effective technique to ensure that the company is ready to protect lives and property in the event of a fire. 

There are numerous types of Fire Fighting equipment suppliers in uae. Each gadget is specifically built to cope with various kinds of fire in various settings. Look at the following equipment list if you’re having trouble deciding which fire protection devices are necessary for the building. 

Fire Extinguishers  

Hand-held fire fighting equipment is present in almost every building. This equipment can contain small fires before they spread and become difficult to control. Portable fire extinguishers come with various extinguishing agents to help you put out a blaze. The following substances are present in a portable extinguisher: 

  • water 
  • foam 
  • dry powder 
  • CO2 
  • the wet chemical 

Blankets For Fires 

One can smother Class F fires using fire blankets. It refers to a blaze fueled by fats and oils from the kitchen. Fire blankets are naturally installed in kitchens, where the risk of a class F fire is the greatest. 

Fire Hose Reels 

One can best put out Class A fires with fire hose reels. That is, fires fueled by non-conductive materials such as paper, rubber, wood, and other non-conductive materials. Because they spew water, one cannot put out electrical fires using fire hose reels. Other forms of fire protection equipment, such as C02 fire extinguishers, are developed to cope with electrical fires. 


Standard signage should accompany all fire equipment. This aids users in determining the location and type of equipment available to them in an emergency. When it comes to fire safety signage, there are a variety of rules to follow. Each piece of equipment comes with an Australian maintenance and installation standard. The accompanying handbook can find more information on signage and where you should place it


Many requirements may apply to the building regarding the design, installation, and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems. The following standards will have an impact on how fire sprinklers are installed in your space: 

  • AS 2118.6:2012 Standard for Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems in Multistory Buildings Combined Sprinkler and Hydrant Systems 
  • Standard for Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems General Systems (AS 2118.1:2017) 
  • AS 1905.1:2005 Components for the protection of apertures in fire-resistant walls (Standard for Components for Fire-Resistant Walls that Protect Openings) Doorsets that are resistant to fire 
  • System design, installation, and commissioning for fire detection, warning, control, and intercom systems AS 1760:2105  

Kits For First Aid 

First aid kits may not be the first item that comes to mind when considering the various types of fire safety equipment, but they are critical in the wake of a fire. Having sufficient first-aid supplies on hand will aid in treating minor injuries incurred during a fire. It’s also an issue of legality: as a business owner or manager, you must give first aid to the employees. 

Exit And Emergency 

While fire fighting equipment is necessary for an emergency, people must evacuate a building when a flame is out of control. During a fire, emergency and exit signage will provide a clear path to an exit. Clear signage and lighting will aid in containing panic and directing the team members to a safe exit promptly. You must follow the AS 2293:2005 (Set) standard for emergency escape lighting and exit signs when maintaining emergency and exit lights. 

Smoke Detectors 

Some fire safety equipment can detect fires. All business and residential buildings should have smoke alarms fitted. If you’re a landlord, the laws regarding smoke alarm installation differ from one state to the next. You can find more information regarding the responsibilities on the Dubai government website. 

Maintenance Of Fire Fighting Equipment In Duba

A fire extinguisher is one of the most crucial tools in the fight against small fires. Extinguishers’ usefulness and effectiveness cannot be overstated: an estimated 90% of fires are put out with extinguishers before they can spread and cause additional damage. 

Because these are so useful, they must be kept in good working order so one may use them at any time. However, maintenance is not easy; it necessitates regular professional inspections, which one must carry out in compliance with Dubai government standards. 


One can put out most fires with modern fire suppression systems before they become a total loss. When a fire gets out of hand, it’s usually because the fire protection systems weren’t installed or maintained effectively. Hiring certified fire professionals to test and maintain the fire fighting equipment in UAE is well worth the money. To begin with, it aids regulatory compliance, protecting the bottom line from fines and penalties. It also serves as proof that you met and followed the standards outlined in the insurance policy. It also guarantees that the fire alarms, lighting, sprinklers, and other systems are ready to go when a fire starts to smoke. 

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