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Make Chicken Cheese Nuggets At Home With This Easy Recipe

by Steven Brown
Chicken Cheese Nuggets

Doesn’t matter what comes first, egg or chicken, both are extremely delicious. And used in various types of cuisines to boost the taste. However, chicken is the favorite food of all age groups across the world. It’s cooked in various styles and with various components to satisfy the hunger of all types of people. Chicken karahi, chicken biryani, fried chicken, and barbecue items are worldwide famous chicken cuisines. However, chicken cheese nuggets hold a separate place in the hearts of chicken lovers. Soft steamed chicken bites with a superb blend of cheese flavor are worth serving your special guests. 

The chicken cheese nuggets recipe is very easy to follow. Moreover, homemade nuggets give healthy and strong flavors to nourish the craving of adults or children. Therefore, most people prefer to enjoy homemade nuggets over takeaway options from famous fast food points. The ingredients of chicken nuggets are very simple and easily available in the kitchen. One can also save them in the freezer to use later. For serving, take out from the freezer, and deep fry till golden. 

Are you excited to cook these delicious chicken bites at home? Let’s follow this easy recipe and enjoy a healthier wave of flavors.

Chicken Cheese Nuggets 

Chicken cheese nuggets are one of the favorite foods of children and adults. They are made from minced chicken blended with herbs, spices, and cheese. These are perfectly healthy and tasty food to serve as snacks, appetizers, and to pack in kids’ lunch boxes. These yummy crispy chicken bites when spooned with different seasonings, provide a satisfying taste. 

How to Cook at Home 

Can we prepare chicken cheese nuggets at home? How to make perfect cheese nuggets? What is the recipe for chicken cheese nuggets? These are the buzzing questions about chicken cheese nuggets. The reason is the desire of mothers to nourish their kids with something healthy and delicious. Therefore, homemade chicken nuggets are more appealing to mothers than readymade ones. 

Cooking Time

• Preparations: 25minutes 

• Frying: 5 minutes

• Serving: 5 minutes

Total time: 30-40 minutes 


The ingredients of chicken cheese nuggets are very simple and you can easily find them in your kitchen. However, it’s a  good habit to ensure the availability of all the ingredients before starting the cooking. The ingredients you require are:

• Boneless chicken half kg

• Bread crumbs one cup 

• 2 large size eggs 

• Black pepper powder 1 tablespoon

• White pepper powder 1 tablespoon 

• Salt to taste 

• Cheese 200- 300 grams 

• Garlic paste 1 tablespoon 

• Oil 

Preparation Of Nuggets 

First of all, wash the chicken deeply and mince it after air drying. Pour the minced chicken into a large bowl and add all the ingredients except eggs, bread crumbs, and oil. To make a smooth paste, put the mixture into a blender and blend to the desired texture. 

Now remove the paste from the blender, wet your hands with cold water, and shape this mixture into nuggets form. One spoon quantity is enough for regular size nuggets. However, you can add or reduce the quantity according to your choice. You can also use nuggets mold to get the perfect shape. 

For quoting the nuggets, take a bowl and beat the eggs thoroughly. Now cover the nuggets with corn flour and dip them in egg solution. In the last quote with bread crumbs to give them a crunchy texture. 

Place all the nuggets in a tray and cover them with a kitchen sheet to provide airtight condition. 

You can freeze and store them for a whole month. It will not affect the taste and quality of the nuggets. However, frozen nuggets are more durable and they can be saved for up to four months.  


The last step of cooking the nuggets is frying. Take a deep pan and heat the oil over a high flame. Now shift the nuggets carefully to this hot oil one by one. And fry them till golden appearance. Make sure to fry them over medium flame. It will not only keep them safe from burning and spoiling the taste but also ensure the proper cooking of chicken. 

Place the nuggets over butter paper and drizzle with soya sauce, cheese, or herbs. Serve hot. 

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