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Makeup Product Photography | Tips to Take Quality Pictures

by Steven Brown
makeup product photography

The best makeup product photography can even break or make your sales, whether you are selling makeup on your eCommerce site, showing off products on your blog, or advertising your services as a makeup artist.

When people buy makeup online, they can’t try it on to see if it looks good. When you take good pictures of your models and products, your customers will be able to imagine how they will look in the end. This will increase sales and decrease returns.

Why is Makeup Product Photography Important For Retailers And Bloggers?

The best cosmetic photography is important whether you are taking pictures of makeup for your blog or selling online. When product photography with the right lighting, customers can get a good idea of how the colors look when they shop online.

By taking good pictures of beauty products and swatches, you can make it easier for your customers to find colors they like. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take good pictures of your makeup products. You just need to know a few tricks.

Tips for Taking Makeup Photo Photography

1. Use Ring Light:

Since you want your photos to be true to each product, the best light for beauty product photography is natural light. Set up your shoot near a big window in the middle of the day if you can. Use a flash diffuser or reflective screen to even out the light when you are taking pictures of products at night or in low light.

2. Clean Your Cosmetics Products:

If you are a blogger, you probably tried out the makeup that you are writing about. If you are taking photos of products to put on an eCommerce site, you might put product swatches in the background to make it more interesting.

Clean the item when you are done with it. Wipe off any extra product on the box. Make sure pencils are sharp, and lipsticks are new.

3. Play With Your Composition:

When cosmetics product photography NYC for online sales, it’s best to use a white background most of the time. Most e-commerce photos of cosmetics show the product by itself on a white background. If you shoot your items against a white background, you can easily remove the background if you need to. Moreover, white background makes your product’s colors stand out without making them compete with other parts of your image.

4. Display Your Color And Label:

Visual merchandising in stores is similar to the beauty product photography on an eCommerce site. The same rules apply. When you walk through a makeup store, you will see that all of the products are on shelves with their labels showing.

Most tester products are shown with the lid open or taken off so that customers can see the colors. The photos of your makeup products on your website should be taken in the same way that they would be on a shelf. Make sure labels can be easily read.

These are simple tips by which you can take quality makeup product photography.

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