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Mandatory Legal Terms to Know Before Starting Dissertation Work

by Steven Brown
Legal Terms

You may have heard about different fields of study. It includes medical, engineering and arts. Similarly, the law is a field of study. LLB stands for bachelor in law. Law institutes offer a degree of LLB. They offer a bachelor’s as well as a master’s degree. The duration of degree varies from three years to five years and students learn about all legal terms. The experts of law are hired to teach students about it. The best thing about having an LLB degree is its worth. Students and professionals of LLB get way more worth as compared to other professions. The degree in LLB provides you a chance to know about your own worth. It teaches you about all legal rights and responsibilities. In this way, it becomes easy to sort out so many problems on a daily basis. As a professional, the LLB demands for flexible hours. As your experience increases, the decision of working becomes yours. You can decide anytime for work.

As a student, you have to work so hard. LLB is not easy as other degrees. In this degree, you have to remember so many terms and conditions. The law of your country is not enough to learn, but you have to learn about other countries too. You really have to work hard for LLB. Legal terms are the asset of LLB. You have to use these terms in all of your documents. As per its importance, this article by The Academic Papers UK aims to discuss about legal terms of LLB.

Mandatory Legal Terms

During the degree of LLB, you may have heard about so many legal terms. Sometimes, the professors use legal terms very frequently, but they do not explain them exactly. In dissertation writing, you have to deal with your work independently. The supervisor only guides you, but does not teach you. That is why, it is very important to learn about legal terms and their importance. By doing so, you can make your dissertation work easy to some extent. For dissertation work, you have to read so many relevant documents, reports, and cases. If you do not have a clear idea about the terms used in relevant material, you will not be able to get the best out of it. Also, you may lack in its proper use in the dissertation. Following are some mandatory legal terms that can help you in dissertation writing:

  • Bar exam
  • CALI
  • Case law
  • Cold cell
  • Hypo
  • Decedent
  • Damages

Let’s have a brief discussion on these terms.

Bar Exam

You can see the use of the word ‘bar’ is very frequent in law. The word ‘bar’ is the same as ‘bar exams.’ For all lawyers, it is compulsory to pass bar exams. Without passing exams, lawyers cannot get a license. The test data can vary from school to school. The format and the pattern remain the same, but the test date can vary. You must have a clear understanding of this test. It is a two-day test. If you have to use this legal term in a dissertation, it is necessary to know about its syllabus and everything linked with it.


CALI is a centre that is well known for its applied research in a particular area. The term CALI stands for Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction. The term CALI is also used very frequently. Many law schools offer CALI awards. CALI award is given to the person who performs very well in a particular subject of law. The law schools of the US work on applied research through CALI. Also, these centers work on computer-assisted legal education. Other than the law schools in the US, you can see different institutes that allow their student to make an online account on CALI. There you can find relevant lessons and tutorials.

Case Law

In law, we mostly deal with different regulations and laws of constitutions. On the other hand, laws of the judicial decision also have use in LLB. These laws of judicial decision are termed as case law. A case is represented to the court, and query is solved on the basis of facts. Case laws have much importance in their particular countries. The judge makes the decision, and rest of the hierarchy is supposed to follow the order.

Cold Cell

Another mandatory legal term is cold call. Any call without warning is termed as cold call in the dictionary of law. At the student level, your teacher can call you during class. For example, a teacher has a discussion with the class. He asked a question. Even if you have not raised your hand, the teacher still asked you to respond. This type of sudden call is a cold call. Similarly, at a professional level, you may have to deal with so many cold calls.


Law is a very technical field. Almost all of the scenarios are real-time. Also, teachers ask for the solution to real-time problems in an assignment. There can be some fictional situations to check the analytical skills of students. These fictional situations are the same as hypothetical situations. The law students and professors do not call it a hypothetical situation, but they call it as ‘hypo.’ So, whenever you see the word ‘hypo’ in any legal document, it means a hypothetical situation.


The decedent is a legal termto describe something about a dead person. In many murder or suicide cases, you have to state about a dead person. As per the terms of law, you do not use the work ‘dead person,’ but you need to state it as a decedent.


Damages is a term that has the same meaning as a recompense. When a party harms another party, the law compensates the suffering party. So, the use of the term ‘damages’ is for the compensation of a party.

Final Thoughts 

Before you start writing a dissertation, you need to understand all the mandatory legal terms of the law. As a law student, you cannot work well without having a clear idea about these legal terms. There are many more terms that need great attention of a student. Such terms need to be at your fingertips. Still, if you have any confusion, you can get masters dissertation help for your law dissertation from The Academic Papers UK.

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