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Mobile Vs. Web Application Services

by Steven Brown
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Research says that more than 70% of the world’s population owns a mobile phone. Research also mentions that each individual unlocks their smartphone approximately 100 times a day. Hence, this can give you a fair example of how often we are using our smartphones and the applications on them.

Importance of Starting a Mobile or Web Application Services

This is why the best tech companies and visionaries saw this coming. And decided to come up with the best mobile application services they could provide. The biggest advantage this niche holds is that it is not limited to IT or tech companies. Even as an individual, you can learn and provide the best mobile application services in your town or city.

Which one to Choose?

Before mobiles, the browser on your computer was used more often and in some countries, it still is. Hence learning a skill where you can also cater to web application development is a very big advantage itself.

Disadvantages of Becoming a Mobile Application Developer

The biggest challenge faced by freelance mobile application service providers is managing too many clients. Which leads to a whole set of technicalities of its own.

As a business owner, choosing to pursue mobile application services or web application development services can be a tedious but rewarding task.

The important thing to remember is if your website gets viewed on a browser, only then will a customer begin creating an application for the website too.

Advantages of Becoming a Mobile Application Developer

As compared to web application development, only providing services for mobile applications is a smarter choice. The world is changing and so are the needs of people. Your regular website visitors will prefer to use your app rather than log in through a browser each time. Not to mention, the user interphase friendliness is higher in using a mobile application.

Advantages to Becoming a Web Application Developer

On the other hand, if you want to focus on whether is more easily operated on all types of electronic devices. Then choosing to do web application development is the smarter choice.

Whatever choice you make, make sure you do avid research on which skillset suits your needs as a developer or business owner more.

As a developer, mobile and web application services might be a new and potential skill set, make you not charge your customers more than expected. This is so that your business can create a reputation and image for your brand.

Becoming a Mobile or Web App Developer

1.  It Requires Detailed Planning

Before you dive into becoming a mobile or web app developer, first thing is to prepare. Knowing your customer’s or potential customers’ wants and needs is very important. Research on what kind of performance customers are expecting from developers in recent years and determine whether you will be able to meet that criteria.

It is very difficult to be an all-rounder when it comes to competitive advantages but what you can do is figure out how your work can stand out from the others.

Another thing to keep in mind is every individual client’s requirements. Imagine working on the user interface for days just to find out that it doesn’t support a few functions that your client wanted to integrate into the system. That would mean starting the project from scratch again.

2.  Know the Difference Between Mobile and Web Application Coding

Another common problem faced by rookie developers is when they use a web-based code for a mobile-based browser code. That is never going to work. There is a distinct difference between the two and as a good developer, you should keep that in mind.

For example, HTML5 tag functionality does not work on mobile browsers.

These are a few pointers you should be aware of when opting to become or hire a mobile or web app developer. It will take up your time and work, but working smarter rather than harder will present you with the results you desire.

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