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What Makes Moissanite Diamonds So Special?

by Steven Brown
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Moissanite diamonds are one of the most popular and sought-after gems in the world, and their popularity isn’t showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon. So what makes these gems so special? Here three things that make moissanite diamonds stand out from the rest. why you should consider adding them to your jewelry collection as soon as possible!

Moissanite diamonds made from a natural mineral that was only discovered in the late 1800s, but has been used to create high-quality diamonds since the 1950s. These moissanite diamonds are similar to their natural diamond counterparts in terms of hardness and brilliance. but they also incredibly affordable and resistant to scratching and breaking, making them the perfect choice for anyone who wants to buy an engagement ring or simply add some sparkle to their wardrobe! Here’s how moissanite bracelet differ from other gemstones on the market today.

If you in the market for an engagement ring, there are many beautiful options to choose from. But if you’re looking for an alternative to traditional diamonds, consider moissanite diamonds. These gems are just as sparkly and stunning as their more expensive counterparts, but they won’t break the bank like diamonds do. Here what makes moissanite diamonds so special and why you give them some thought when shopping around for your engagement ring.

The crystal structure

Moissanite bridal set are made from lab-created silicon carbide, and therefore one of a kind. The other gemstones used in engagement rings tend to be variations of quartz and beryl. Quartz a crystal structure that’s based on infinite layers. while moissanite and beryl feature a crystalline structure that is layered with finite dimensions. While moissanite diamonds likely never replace gemstones such as rubies or sapphires. The offer consumers some unique features and benefits. If you looking for something special for your next earrings or rings purchase, take a look at moissanite diamond options today!

The cut

Most diamonds are sold by their carat weight. And that’s okay. It’s a simple and easy way to communicate diamond size. But it’s important to realize there is more to a stone than its face-up value alone. A diamond’s cut, or proportions, plays a huge role in how it actually looks on your finger; facets affect sparkle, light play and brightness—not just size! And while some flaws can be concealed with certain cuts, others are amplified by poor proportions—which could cost you valuable dollars in resale value down the road. To ensure your diamond gives you maximum shine for minimum cash, make sure you’re checking out cut grades as well as carat weights when shopping for your next earrings online purchase.

Physical properties of moissanite

One of moissanite’s most unique qualities is its luster—thanks to its exceptionally high refractive index. Additionally, each stone is cut in such a way that light reflects off of it in all directions, which enhances sparkle and brilliance. This characteristic makes it more similar to diamonds than any other gemstone on earth, which is why many jewelers describe moissanite as one of a kind or the world’s rarest diamond alternative. In fact, no other gemstone on earth has as high a refractive index or rate of fire (or dispersion). When combined with its exceptional hardness, these features make for some seriously dazzling earrings!

Social benefits of buying diamond alternatives

Social benefits are an important part of what makes a diamond so special. There’s a great deal of social pressure surrounding engagement rings and diamonds, which is fueled by advertising campaigns that lead people to believe there is something missing if they choose a less expensive alternative to diamonds. The truth is that diamond alternatives—including moissanite—are just as beautiful and have even greater environmental and social benefits than traditional diamonds do. For example, moissanite is 100% conflict-free while more than 70% of mined diamonds come from countries with war or human rights issues. Additionally, an increasing number of consumers are looking for environmentally conscious jewelry options because they feel strongly about supporting sustainable practices in light of global warming concerns.


Moissanite not a diamond. The two most important factors to consider when purchasing a ring are sparkle and clarity. But with moissanite, you get exceptional brilliance with amazing clarity at a fraction of other diamonds’ prices. Because of its unique chemistry, moissanite that extra bit of wow factor that makes it look as dazzling as any diamond on earth without breaking your budget. Anyone considering purchasing an loose moissanite diamonds take a hard look at moissanite diamonds. they simply one of a kind.

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