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Most Popular Types of Floorings in 2022

by Steven Brown
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Whether it be a house or a commercial establishment, it is important to choose the right type of flooring depending on the budget, lifestyle, personal tastes, and how often it will need maintenance. However, one thing we would not have to worry about is the installation process. Moreover, with the rapidly advancing technologies for flooring market, we can easily opt for low-maintenance and luxury floorings that are budget friendly.

The top flooring options available include carpet, hardwood, vinyl, and tile.

Carpet: It is still one of the most preferred options for flooring, especially among homeowners. Carpet is one of the least volatile organic compounds (VOC)-emitting flooring options. Carpet, unlike concrete flooring, can act as a passive air filter, helping in trapping dust, pollens, and particles, removing them from the air which reduces the chances of acquiring breathing issues.

Carpets can provide warmth due to their thermal insulation and resistance properties. Carpets can maintain heat longer than other flooring materials, especially in colder climates or seasons. This characteristic helps in keeping the house warm in the winters. In addition, it can also help in saving electricity.

Hardwood: Although this flooring can be a little more expensive, many people prefer to have genuine wood. Hardwood flooring can provide a touch of elegance to the room. Some of the popular choices for wood include maple, walnut, oak, and cherry. The floorings are also available in different varieties, such as bamboo, mahogany, and hickory, among others.

With proper maintenance, the creaking and squeaking noises that come after wear and tear can be resolved and enhance durability.

Vinyl: It may be found in the majority of homes. It is recommended for high-moisture environments, like kitchens and bathrooms. Vinyl flooring may be put without any professional assistance. Recently, manufacturers have significantly improved the quality of vinyl floors.

Luxury vinyl flooring is classified into two types: luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank. The fundamental distinction between the two is their appearance; one appears to be plank, while the other appears to be tile.

For several reasons, luxury vinyl flooring market has been gaining significant popularity and has become one of the most popular choices for home flooring.

As previously said, it is waterproof, low maintenance, and sturdy, and it is also one of the most cost-effective solutions!

Tile: It is a popular and low-maintenance flooring option. Tiles are one of the most resilient and waterproof floor coverings. Moisture-resistant flooring, such as tile, is required in areas such as kitchens, baths, and laundry rooms.

Tiles are also the most adaptable. They do not have to be used only on the floor. They are also suitable for use on walls, counters, staircases, and even fireplaces. They are also the most popular choice for exterior work.

Some of the most known types of tiles used for flooring include ceramic tile, porcelain tile, granite tile, glass tile, natural stone tile, and marble tile.

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