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Must-See Summer Bedding Guide for Every Household

by Steven Brown

Have there been times in Summer, when you’ve felt hotter than you are supposed to, more particularly in your bedroom? Well, maybe your bedding is to be blamed. Your wrong choices and inappropriate layouts/arrangement of your bedding certainly are a problem in Summer. Here’s a guide that you might want to take a quick look at to get your bedding business right.

Opt for Light Top Layers

Replacing those heavy comforters with lighter duvets and coverlets is a great way to start. If you wish, you can get rid of a duvet and choose to keep its cover alone. This might be a good idea when the Summer gets really warm. Heavy top layers can not only make you feel too warm, but might make you feel sweaty, and can simply be annoying to deal with

Consider Organic Fibre

Natural fibers are the most breathable type, and that is exactly what you would try and look for on hot summer days. When you speak of natural bed linen bed sheets, duvets, quilts. Even pillow covers can be replaced with those made of 100% natural fibers.

Consider opting for bamboo fibers or those that are extremely breathable and offer optimum comfort. You could also look for bedding made from fabric with special cooling properties. Some of them have the nature of adjusting their textures according to environmental conditions and temperatures, and also wick any moisture from your body.

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Choose to Layer, Light!

This tip works just as much as it does when it comes to clothing. Nevertheless, in Summer, the rule is to keep all layers light. This way, you can shed one or two in warmer instances. Throw them back on when the aircon is on, especially at the night. Keep in mind that some areas are subject to frequent fluctuations in weather and temperature. This is why it is always a good idea to have light layers ready.

Choose Pops of Colour

The ideal ‘summer hues’ are light and bright. The color factor has more like a psychological effect on people, making them feel less warm in light, cool colors when compared to the dark ‘winter hues’. Opt for light, interesting color palettes. You can play around and use pops of color using pillows and cushions. Colour should help lift the mood in Summer, so you can look at things positively instead of just focussing on and whining about how hot it is!

Know-How to Adjust

Are you super addicted to a typical winter blanket? You just can’t put it away for a while, even during Summer? Sometimes, these favorite inseparable pieces of bedding may not be ideal to use in Summer, but you just want to have them around even if you are not going to be using them. If it is a thick and heavy blanket, for instance. You might want to have it folded perhaps and let it join you in bed at night while the aircon is turned up high and all you want is to stay snuggled warm and sleep through the night.

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