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New typeface Sans instagram

by Steven Brown

This week, Instagram Picuki introduced its redesigned logo. The new typeface, dubbed “Instagram Sans”, is a custom sans-serif based on the history of the company’s logo. It incorporates characteristics of both the Instagram logo and wordmark, including its rounded corners and “squircle” effect. It will be available in regular, bold, and condensed styles. Script fonts will use the Instagram Sans font. The font’s playful sans serif style is reminiscent of the Instagram logo and wordmark.

While Instagram’s Picuki new typeface has many similarities to Comic Sans, it is distinctly different. Instagram Sans is a contemporary remix of geometric and grotesque styles. It replaces the “Modern” style in the type tool in Stories. The company partnered with language experts to create a typeface that would be versatile enough for different cultures and languages. It is also available in multiple weights, allowing it to suit a variety of needs.

The new design also features the iconic polaroid rainbow, which no longer appears static but instead changes with user interaction. The colour gradient shifts composition in 2D and three-dimensional spaces, while also serving as a backbone for Instagram’s colour palette. Instagram also introduced a new global custom typeface, “Instagram Sans,” which is based on the minimalist shape of the camera. The new font is not yet available in the app, but it’s an interesting step for the brand.

Parental controls

In March, Instagram’s parent company, Meta, announced new parental control tools aimed at protecting its youngest users. These tools are called Family Center and work together to give parents greater control over what their kids are seeing and doing on the platform. Essentially, they help parents know what their kids are doing online so they can set limits on their usage. Parents can also block certain content and restrict access to specific features. This new parental control feature will be rolled out in phases, beginning with Instagram.

The new parental controls for Instagram will enable parents to set a daily time limit and schedule breaks. Parental controls are also available for children who are under 13, but the feature will be available to all users worldwide on June 14. For now, parents can use the new features to limit their children’s access to Instagram, while teens will see a black screen. Additionally, parents will be able to see their children’s friend lists and report accounts that they think are inappropriate. Parents will also be able to send invites to their children so that they can limit their child’s access to the platform.

In March 2022, the Instagram app will feature updated parental controls to keep teenagers safer. These new features will let parents monitor their child’s usage, set limits, and even notify them if their child is reporting inappropriate content to another user. Additionally, the update will add a notifications feature to the app that will encourage kids to switch topics after 30 minutes. Kids can also choose to ignore notifications to continue using Instagram. However, parents should remember that this feature is still in the beta stage.

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