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Number Masking : VoIP Solution for Customer Privacy & Security

by Steven Brown
Phone Number Masking

Confidentiality is a genuine concern in our hyperconnected world. We use our contact information to sign in, shop online, and inquire about services no matter what we do or where we travel. Our phone numbers include sensitive information and important data that must not be compromised. Number masking provides the privacy we require.

What is Number Masking?

Number masking, also known as call masking, is the most effective technique for businesses to protect their customers’ identities and avoid exploiting critical information by anonymising their phone numbers. You can connect two parties using this approach without revealing either party’s phone number. Instead of contacting their phone numbers directly, the parties are linked via a third-party phone number that connects the conversation. We can secure both businesses’ and customers’ identities by concealing private phone numbers.

How Does Number Masking Work?

When a consumer phones the service number, the caller’s number is routed to a substitute number using the number masking software. This proxy number establishes a link between the customer and the service provider. The proxy number is returned to the pool after the call is done and used for another connection.

Mtalkz offers number masking to organisations in India as an aspect of its integrated communication services. Their call masking services, powered by cutting-edge technology, meet all of your customer’s privacy and security needs.

Why Choose Number Masking?

Despite the evident simplicity, number masking has far-reaching benefits for Customer Experience, especially in service-oriented enterprises. Thousands of users use these services every day to order food, schedule a taxi, and shop online. And regardless of whose service they use, all clients cherish their privacy. Number masking is useful in this situation. If client numbers are exposed or used irresponsibly without prudence, organisations risk getting into problems. This invasion of privacy may result in:

  • Hefty monetary penalty
  • Loss of consumers and reputation

Benefits of Number Masking

It makes your customer base stronger

Customers must reveal their phone numbers with several services. Customers will feel comfortable and secure since number masking successfully closes all weak vulnerabilities that exploit their privacy. When you give clients exactly what they want, they are more inclined to join the fold.

Provides excellent customer service

Did you know that the automated call-back feature of number masking reduces client wait times to less than 20 seconds? These characteristics lead to:

  • Improved Call quality
  • Consistency in response times is established.
  • Potential customers are attracted
  • Increases brand awareness and value
  • Assists in gaining customer trust
  • When you gain your customers’ trust, you automatically increase your prospects of building a specialised market presence

Automatic Messages

Number masking is a technology-based solution that automates your communication while allowing you to track inbound, outbound, and active calls. It also records calls to track agent performance and analyses data to improve your offerings. Masking eliminates the requirement for an operator to connect the two parties manually.


One of the best things about adopting number masking is that you won’t have to buy local numbers for your business. You can handle the communication needs of all your company’s branches with this single solution. As a result, you can save money while simultaneously expanding geographically for a low cost.

Call masking is an essential part of running a contemporary business. Because protecting your customer’s information is part of valuing them. Employ Mtalkz making solutions today to have a broader perspective on reaching out to potential consumers and clients to expand your company’s reach.

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