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Our Future Depends On Our Education

by Steven Brown

Our world is full of surprises. Lots of different information creates different myths about every sphere. What is the most essential in our world? What can solve world problems and when the lack of it can lead us to chaos? That is education. Education can be really tough but it is worth it. After a hard routine day before thinking about your child’s future, take a close look at the best live dealer casino so you could test your luck and win some money for your child’s future. 

 Which University Should I Choose? 

       Most of us don’t know who we want to be in the future. So this step is mostly done by our parents. It is difficult to understand which specialists will be in great demand and need in five or six years. This greatly complicates the choice of a future profession. And if you consider that usually, teenagers decide on their direction even in high school, you have to think ahead for even longer periods. So, seven or eight years ago, current university graduates could hardly imagine that they would want to become DevOps. They probably did not even know such a word. Now, this profession is among the most popular in 2021, 53% of companies were looking for DevOps specialists.

       Many analytical and recruiting companies regularly publish forecasts of in-demand specialties for the coming years. But their predictions are not very high. Many factors can interfere with the situation in the labor market, so it is difficult to predict the real demand for professions. Back at the beginning of 2020, no one could have imagined that in six months the most sought-after specialist who would replace IT specialists, consultants, and financiers would be a registered nurse.

 Which Skills Will Be Needed?

         IT development is pretty expected as we are moving to the digital world. Still a very popular sphere. The demand for IT specialists is growing faster than the supply, and the shortage of personnel is acutely felt in many countries. In addition, this is one of the most flexible professions. IT specialists can work remotely, according to a schedule that suits them, not be tied to a specific company, and find clients all over the world.

       Cybersecurity professions are also in demand. While cybersecurity techniques are improving every year, hackers are always one step ahead, and the number of attacks on businesses, consumers, and government agencies is increasing every year. Thus, over the past year, the number of attacks on companies has increased by almost a third. In many ways, this was facilitated by the trend towards remote work, along with which the vulnerability of corporate security systems increased. Large corporations with their own information security departments are also not protected from intruders.

     Knowing languages is one of the most useful skills. Globalization makes the knowledge of at least one foreign language critical for successful competition in the market. Remote work opens up great opportunities for employment and finding clients abroad, the number of freelancers who are ready to work from anywhere in the world. Young entrepreneurs are launching their startups in other countries. All this requires knowledge of languages, and the more of them a person has on his list of skills, the wider his prospects.

      And, of course, marketing. Advertising is an integral part of any business. Marketing technologies and methods may change. Though, the ability to collect analytics and build a competitive strategy based on it creates a concept, and choosing the right tools will remain one of the most sought-after skills for companies.

   Everything Depends On The Influence

       In order to help your child to become mindful, you must understand all his skills, what he is eager to learn, and whatnot. You should teach him from your experience how to make different decisions, even when some of them are wrong. During his life, he will be faced with negative experiences on his route so better if he will be prepared for it. Also, the decision of joining the university should be made by himself based on his skills. You can help him to find his way by pointing out his strengths. 

       As for stress and fear, it is important not to burden the child with your expectations. He needs the support and acceptance of his parents. He must know that he is loved. Parental love is what gives children resilience.

Why Is Education So Essential? 

       Of course, you may bring some arguments about famous people who achieved their billions and were standing on the first line of our digitalization. But they didn’t have the right education because of the wrong choice in their past. Eventually, all of them got the right knowledge and graduated. 

       Education is a key to your world’s vision and understanding. The best question is how to use it to achieve your dreams! Hare clink

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