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5 Part Time Jobs For The University Students In The USA

by Steven Brown

Earning money while studying  in university or college is of utmost importance. It helps you pay your bills, funds your weekend outings and gives you a feeling of self sufficiency. Part time jobs are one of the best ways to earn good money without affecting your academic life and good part time jobs are the ones that are convenient, flexible and pay well depending upon the position. It is not that easy to get a job that goes well with what suits you and it might take a while to do so.

One needs to be very careful while looking for desi jobs and make sure that the job they are looking for doesn’t affect their ability to maintain satisfactory academic status. If you are planning to work while in university or college, look for jobs like on-campus jobs, paid internships, or freelance jobs that are flexible enough to let you work around your own schedule. 

Look for an employer who understands your status as a student and try to find a job that can fit your schedule and bring you good experience and income by the end of it.

Most universities permit their students to work part time for 20 hours a week, allowing them to earn while they study which is a good duration to earn good money.

Here are 5 of the best-paying part-time jobs for students that you should consider


You can make the best use of your academic knowledge by becoming a tutor. There are so many options in this field. You will find fellow college students or kids from the lower grades who need tutors to help them with specific subjects. The best part about this job is that you can do it from home as well.

Average salary- $12 to 25 per hour

Job description- there are no hard and fast rules or job description for tutors. You can provide your teaching services to your students online or you can get into homeschooling to teach.  

Skills required- no specific skills are needed apart from having a good command over the subjects you are going to teach. You will also need a computer\laptop and good internet connection for the job.


If you have a good hand in numbers, bookkeeping can be a very good option for students like you. Many small firms can’t afford to hire full time accountants and need people who are skilled and can manage the work.

Average salary- $14 to 21 per hour

Skills required- This job doesn’t require you to be super skilled but yes, there are a few things you need to keep in mind like; being good in numbers and being organised. Apart from this,  if you come from an accounting or finance background, that can help you secure this job.


If tutoring and bookkeeping is not your forte, you can go for bartending or even work in the hospitality industry. This job will surely suit your schedule and help you get good money.

 Looking at your schedule,the timings are well suited and they also pay a very decent hourly wage which makes it one of the easiest and best paying part time jobs for students.

Average salary- $12 to 20 per hour

Job description- this job requires you to have  good communication skills to ensure top level customer service. You also need to be mindful of the cleanliness around the bar area so hygiene is also a priority here.

Skills needed- you don’t need so many qualifications here but at some places they might ask you for a server certification to work as a bartender. The certification is easy to get and will also give you an edge over the job.

Tour guide

This job is the best alternative for extroverted students. Every city has some landmark tourist spots and the USA already has so many that attract tourists of all kinds.

 This is a good outdoor job if you are open, communicative and friendly. However these jobs can be seasonal in nature with specific visiting hour so, you need to figure out if you can take this job or not.

Average salary- $11 to 16 per hour

Job description  you need to follow the guidelines from the tour company that you choose to work with to guide a group of people to specific locations. You need to research the government. rules too if there are any.

Skills required- Tour guide jobs don’t require you to be skilled but you do need to have good communication skills, friendly behaviour, having a good knowledge about the places you are taking your groups to and being respectful to the guidelines. 


Writing\ editing\proofreading

The nature of these jobs is that you can work from home and still get a good amount of money. As international students you will already have a good command of written languages, and you can make a very good use of it as a freelance writer, editor, or proofreader. It is also one of the best paying and flexible jobs for the students studying in universities.

Average salary- $20 to 25 per hour

Job description – you will need to write\edit\proofread blogs, articles, resumes and other similar things. But your command and correctness over the language is very important. There should not be any room for grammatical errors.

Skills required- you should have a good command over the language as mentioned earlier, you will need a computer\laptop and good internet connection if you are working from home or working as a freelance writer or editor.

Bottom line

Being a student and earning at the same time is not an easy task but it is not impossible. Being able to pay your own bills is one of the best feelings, so getting a good and suitable job should be your priority if you are willing to work part time.

 You might have to face a few hardships while finding a job for yourself but when you overcome them and get a desi job, you will be finally able to sustain yourself fully. All you have to do is; being patient, hard working and smart enough to find the job that suits your academic life. 

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