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Plastic Surgery – Types and Techniques used

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Patients of various ages and kinds, including children with birth defects, young adults hurt in accidents, and elderly adults with aging-related issues, benefit from plastic and reconstructive surgery. The primary goal of a plastic surgeon is to correct abnormalities to repair the affected body part to produce a natural look and restore its normal functionality.

It is describe as a surgical specialty that focuses on reconstructing face and bodily deformities brought on by trauma, sickness, burns, and congenital defects.

Plastic surgery aims to restore damaged body components and allow them to resume their regular, healthy functions.

  • Facial cosmetic surgery
  • Nasal Surgery
  • Lip Augmentation
  • Hair replacement 
  • Body shaping and liposculpture
  • Cosmetic breast augmentation
  • Hand Microsurgery
  • Reconstruction after head-and-neck cancer surgery
  • Breast Reconstruction
  • Reconstruction of pressure sores
  • Reconstructive genitalia
  • Post-burn deformities and burns
  • Craniofacial and cleft surgery
  • Tattoo/scar/vein removal

While most of these are self-explanatory, let’s look at some types of plastic surgery that are not very well know by people at large, however, is a serious condition:

Craniofacial and cleft surgery 

The condition known as craniosynostosis, pronounced “Kray-nee-oh-sih-noh-STOH-sus,” results in an abnormally formed baby’s head. Rarely, does it puts strain on the infant’s developing brain, perhaps harming it. Another name for it is craniostenosis.

A child’s skull is not merely one piece of bone in the shape of a bowl. Five thin bone plates make up the structure, and they are connect by fibrous threads called sutures. The sutures enable the skull to expand as the brain develops. The skull bones are join together by the sutures as they stiffen during development.

Hand Microsurgery 

A microscope is use in the subspecialty of microsurgery, which is useto operate on tissues that are hardly visible to the human eye. This specialty’s primary focus is “Replantations”. The division comprises of high-ranking specialists who have competent expertise and operated at prominent medicinal organisations in India and abroad.

Now that we are well-verse with the types of plastic surgery’slet’s understand in detail the various techniques use to perform plastic surgery effectively:

Endoscopic Surgery:

An endoscope, a telescopic probe with a small camera and a light source, is put into tiny incisions to conduct endoscopic surgery. The surgeon operates the endoscope within the body while seeing images on a screen that the camera sends back to him. An endoscopic probe is a tool that the surgeon uses during operations. The real surgical instruments are introduce through several incisions (s).

Flap Surgery:

In flap surgery, healthy, living tissue is move from one part of the body to another, frequently to locations where skin, fat, muscle mobility, and/or skeletal support have been lost. Depending on where the flap is locate and the tissues that need repair, a variety of flap surgery techniques may be use. The following kinds are among them:

  1. Local flap
  2. Regional flap
  3. Bone or tissue flap
  4. Muscle and skin flap
  5. The flap that is free of microvascular vessels

Laser Surgery:

Lasers are frequently use in cosmetic surgery to minimize scarring, bruising, and bleeding. Depending on the goal and position of the surgery’s, one may choose from a wide variety of laser types.

Skin Implantation:

Skin that has been injure or is absent can be replaced using a skin graft. To restore the look and/or functionality of another area of the same body, this surgical treatment entails taking healthy sections of flesh from one region of the body. The donor site is the location from which the skin is extract.

The kind of preparation required before your surgery’s depend on the procedure being conduct and the kind of anesthetic used. The preparation before a nose surgery will be different as compared to breast reconstruction.

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