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Plumbing issues of every property or house

by Steven Brown
Plumbing Maintenance Services

The plumbing network of your property is vast. It has numerous pipes and joints. It has pumps, taps, bathtubs, and other bathroom accessories. Because the system is so extensive, the chances of a problem are also higher. It involves supplying water & gas to your kitchen and toilets.

It also ensures proper drainage and sewerage in your home. Even if you have the perfect plumbing system, sooner or later you will face a plumbing issue. You should not try to deal with plumbing issues yourself.

Instead, look for a company that provides reliable Plumbing Maintenance ServicesSome of the most common plumbing issues faced by properties are discussed below for your knowledge.

Dripping Faucets

Probably this is common in every other home and you have already witnessed this many times before. They are a wastage of water without any doubt but can also be incredibly annoying.

The most common cause of dripping faucets is usually a damaged O ring or washer which a plumber can easily replace. If your piping is pretty old, then corrosion can also be the culprit. An easy tip to know if your system has high corrosion is that every other faucet will be dripping.

Leaky Pipes and valves

Corrosion, high water pressure, incorrect piping, and clogs, can all lead to leaky pipes. You may think that a leak is minor but as time goes by the leakage will increase and it can result in flooding your home.

The leaking water will also gradually damage your home. Leaks should not be ignored and should be repaired right away. Repairing a leak is usually not a complicated task but ignoring it can lead to bigger issues.

Running Toilets

Water is one of the fastest depleting resources in many regions of the world. Everyone should be responsible enough to conserve water and prevent wastage. A running toilet wastes more water than a dripping faucet or a leaky pipe.

The most common problem that triggers a running toilet includes damaged flush valves, flapper seals, damaged refill tubes, etc. Any professional plumber can resolve this problem effectively.

Plumbing Maintenance Services
Plumbing Maintenance Services

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is another annoying plumbing problem especially when you need a hot bath in winter. On the surface, the problem may seem minor but it can be a warning for bigger issues such as excessive corrosion, clogged drains and sewers, water leaks that are not visible to the naked eye, etc.

A professional plumber should be easily able to detect the underlying issue and provide you with the required repair/replacement service. Regular Plumbing Maintenance Servicescan prevent issues like low water pressure from occurring.

Leaking Hose Bibbs

Hose bibbs can leak during the summer or the spring. They are usually damaged by frost during the winter if they are not protected. We advise using hose bibbs which are Frostproof. 

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can make your bathroom smelly and if there are more than one they can make your whole house stink. This is not pleasant and it also poses health risks. A Single clogged drain indicated a localized problem.

They can be clogged because of foreign objects such as hair and garbage. Routine cleaning can prevent this from happening but if your drain is being clogged often, chances are that there is some other problem which a professional Emergency Plumber Manchester should easily trace and repair.

If you have multiple clogged drains around your home, it might be a symptom of a serious sewer line problem. In that case, you must call a professional and experienced plumber.

 Faulty Boiler/Water Heater

If your electric boiler or gas boiler stops working altogether it could be because of several reasons. If you see an error code on your boiler, you shouldn’t try to resolve this on your own. Call a gas-safe engineer who knows how to read error codes and can refer to the boiler menu.

Natural gas or Carbon monoxide leakages also have to be dealt with right away as both are toxic and dangerous. The boiler thermostat may not be working properly and you may not get the water temperature you need. For all gas boiler problems, please always remember to call a gas safe registered engineer/company and no other.

Plumbing Inspection- Great tip for effective plumbing networks

Not all plumbing issues can be mentioned here because they are just too many. Regular inspection of your plumbing system by a professional company can prevent many problems and also ave your repair costs.

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