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4 types of makeup that give a radiant look with a dirndl dress

by Steven Brown
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Wearing appropriate makeup with a dirndl dress is the key to looking radiant at formal events. Essentially because your face is the first thing people see. 

And you don’t want to dim your shine by making wrong makeup choices. Therefore, having your accessories and makeup look sorted prior to Oktoberfest or events is important.

The beauty of contemporary makeup looks is to go for fewer products but with the right products. Also, you should be keen about the event you are attending. Most importantly, it is essential not to go overboard with dirndl dresses. It is because a German dirndl dress is vibrant itself. 

The following article will discuss makeup tips and hacks which will beautify your dirndl dress. 

Makeup hacks to enrich your dirndl dress

You can never achieve a luminous look without putting on makeup. It is essential not only to minimize blemishes or spots but also to beautify your face. Makeup is to highlight your features appropriately without using them much.

You can style your dirndl dresses just as you like. However, there are a few tips and tricks to give you a distinctive look. Not in terms of accessories but with makeup too. 

We have sorted out some of the best makeup looks you can embrace on various occasions with a dirndl.

  1. Minimal makeup look

The ‘Less is more’ formula still works in the 21st century. Such makeup types give you a more clean and natural look for daytime and summer. It will be a perfect idea to embrace a minimal look at Oktoberfest. It is the best way to avoid a smudgy makeup look. It is proved that even with fewer products, you can still look ravishing with a German dirndl dress. 

Wear sunscreen under your makeup to protect your skin from achieving a minimal look. 

Afterward, apply a thin foundation layer and use concealer only around your under-eyes. A cheek tint is a perfect choice for a minimal look. You can also apply it to your lips and eyelid. You can also use some mascara and liner if you like. This Oktoberfest, it’s time to go all natural with a vivid German dirndl dress and fresh makeup look. It will make you look younger, brighter, and happier.

2. Dewy makeup look

A little bit of dewy look won’t sabotage your dirndl dress but will enhance it. The baby face look will highlight your innocence more subtly. After all, no one likes a woman with striking colored German dirndls and cakey makeup.

To avoid such situations, always wear good quality makeup. Also, before applying any product, wear a moisturizer to keep your skin soft and cracked-free. For a dewy, you can follow all the tips for a minimal look. And to give it a dewy touch, choose to wear a liquid blush. Instead of wearing a tint, put some gloss on your lips or wear liquid lipstick. It will give you a captivating look with a German dirndl dress.

3. Shimmery makeup look

Sparkly makeup looks might be out of sight but never out of trend. For a formal party look, you can still choose to wear it. Especially if you’re wearing a traditional dirndl dress like full-length maxi or midi dress. A shimmery makeup look is a superb choice to put your best foot forward.

For a shimmery look, opt for more foundation and use concealer as needed—furthermore, prep your eyes before putting on eyeshadow. Use a little bit of concealer on your eyelid too. You can either wear a matching color eye shadow or go for a nude shade. No matter what, don’t forget to put a shimmery eyeshadow on it. If not, you can also choose to wear a color liner on your eyes to add a color pop. For a formal party look, you can wear a highlighter too.

4. Bold makeup look

Smokey eyes will never make you look tame! Embrace a bold makeup look and make your German dirndl dress even more sensual. A bold makeup look blends in well with rich color dirndl dresses. Also, you can wear a black lace dirndl blouse and German boots to make it more appealing.

Pro tip: always wear nude color lipstick with smokey eye makeup.

To pull off this Oktoberfest perfect look, you must pick the best-suited German dirndl dress. For that purpose, only purchase it from a renowned store to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.

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