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Reading Text Extract From Image Using OCR

by Steven Brown
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Optical character recognition (OCR) is an AI-based pattern recognition technique that detects text inside a picture and converts it into an editable digital document. OCR software can assist you if you ever need to make digital data editable, such as receipts, invoices, or bank statements, which are normally in picture format. Many tools, thankfully, allow you to extract text from photos using OCR technology. There is a tool for converting photos to text on a computer, phone, or the internet.

In general, thinking of a way to train artificial intelligence systems to read is the same as thinking of text extraction from photos. The initial phase in this assignment is to train the algorithm to recognize text (text recognition), followed by processing and transforming the text into a new format, for example, a text file. Both of these stages of the text scanner from image extraction process will be examined in greater detail.

In this article, we will talk about how can it be possible to extract text from image with the help of OCR.

Let’s get started!

Extract Text From Photos Using Google Docs:

You won’t need any additional program to extract text from photographs if you currently use Google Docs for document production. On the desktop version of Google Docs, you may upload an image and extract text from it using the built-in OCR text scanner from image technology.

Extract Text From Images on Android:

There are numerous Android apps that allow you to convert photos to text. Not only that, but all Android phones have built-in cameras, so you can scan text while on the go. Text Scanner is the best Android OCR app since it allows you to extract text from photographs even when you’re not connected to the internet. It also provides free unlimited scans in a variety of languages.

The only notable negative is the free version’s annoying marketing, although you may use it without an internet connection to avoid them because it works offline. You can also purchase the pro version to get rid of the adverts and speed up the processing time.

A button in the top-right corner of the program allows you to select photographs from the gallery, while a button in the bottom-right corner allows you to take a text photo using the camera. Upload the photo using any of these methods, and the program will automatically process and display the extracted text. To compare them, use the buttons at the bottom to flip between text and image. It will assist you to convert photo to text in no time.

Convert Image To Text Online:

Many OCR software are available online that will allow you to extract text from photographs on any device. To use this application, all you need is a browser and an internet connection (on both PC and mobile). I tried several online OCR programs and found that New OCR produced the best results for all of the images used. It’s a completely free service that’s also quite simple to use.

Convert Image To Text on Mac:

There aren’t many good OCR programs for macOS, to be honest. You’ll have to pay for competent OCR software for Mac if you want to utilize it. One of the most powerful OCR programs for macOS is Text Snipper. Text can be extracted from pictures, PDFs, presentations, videos, and screencasts, among other things.

Use An OCR Chrome Extension:

If you want to extract text from web photos, in particular, a Chrome plugin can help. Copyfish and Project Naptha are two extensions I enjoy for this reason. You don’t have to do anything; simply install the extension, and every image you discover on the internet will become selectable. When you come across a picture with text inside, hold down the left mouse button to pick and copy it. Of course, the extraction isn’t flawless, but it worked well for the photographs that are used. If you like, you may even have it translate selected text.

Final Words:

Well, you can analyze to yourself that convert text scanner from image easily. It has become easy with the help of OCR software. This has made your life easy.

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