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Roller Window Blinds: Major Dos And Don’ts While Buying Them.

by Steven Brown
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Honestly, there are not many don’ts about roller blinds. Window blinds like these are classy and simple enough to grab the attention of anyone. But there are a few don’ts that need your attention.

Roller blinds didn’t have any similarities with other major window blinds. They are entirely different. That’s why people got confused between roller blinds and roller shades.

No matter what you call them, the design is the same along with the materials they have in their lineup. At first glance, roller blinds seem like a very simple and ordinary window blinds type.

But their simplicity is something that helps them outclass some of the big names like wood blinds and Venetian blinds, but in some specific conditions, overall roller blinds are no way near the class of these standard Window Blinds.

But how they somehow manage to outclass the big names. Well, for this you have to first be aware of the major dos and don’ts of roller blinds, only then you can figure out a solution.

Do Buy Roller Blinds Because Of Their Affordability

First, they are affordable doesn’t mean they are an ordinary piece of window blind. There is a very solid reason behind this. A very synthetic reason, is they are made of synthetic materials.

No matter how good a window blind is if it is made of synthetic materials its price tag always going to be cheaper than those window blinds that are made of natural materials like wood and metal.

Another factor is that roller blinds are just pieces of a single fabric-based panel that rolls up and down around a tube at the top.

Also, the hardware is quite minimal too, just a tube holding by a frame and that frame got to fit in the wall by brackets. That’s all, hope this is logical enough to satisfy the fact that why they are one of the cheapest window blinds today.

Do Buy Roller Blinds For High-End Privacy And Light Control

Roller blinds are made of synthetic materials like PVC and vinyl, and polyester is also an option available. Consider PVC and vinyl for much better results.

In these materials, there are variations. Variations in the opacity of the materials. As roller blinds didn’t have slats in them so, by default material opacity level determines the level of light and privacy control.

Opacity is not about the thickness, also there is a fact that there is no such thick and hard fabric option in roller blinds because it surely causes distress while rolling around the tube.

No slats are somehow very beneficial for roller blinds. Because those who have slats, usually have some gaps among their slats. This can be cope by purchasing a high-quality window blind, which can be expensive.

Roller blinds lay down flat and if you have fabric with high opacity, then the privacy surely going to be intense.

You can have  roller blinds with a medium kind of opacity to have minimal light and privacy at the same time.

Do Buy Roller Blinds If You Want Blackout

There are specific blackout roller blinds for that purpose alone. They use high-opacity fabric options to do so. Also, there are no slats so no such gaps are around, which means no such light can escape through them.

To have a proper blackout, you have to put the roller blind on the sill of the window. Badly, it is hard to find the perfect size roller blind for the specific dimensions of your windows so that it can be put on the sill.

Consider custom roller blinds for that purpose, or buy that roller blind that is a bit big from your window, and put it over the sill.

Don’t Buy Roller Blinds For Small And Narrow-Sized Windows

A little quick, they look awkward over small windows. Don’t consider any vertically functioning window coverings for small dimensions.

Roller blinds design just doesn’t sync well with small windows. This poor syncing can badly damage the overall appeal of the interior.

If you really want badly, then custom roller blinds are the only way out. As a recommendation, custom roller blinds even then do not look good on small or narrow-sized windows, but it is all about your like and dislike.

Don’t Buy Roller Blinds For Oddly Shaped Windows

Covering an oddly shaped window is very messy. That can’t be done by an unprofessional one. Only an experienced person can do that for you.

If you want proper finishing then roller blinds are not an ideal option for those oddly shaped windows. Ready-made roller blinds are not for these conditions.

You want a custom-made Roller Blinds treatment, that can only be done by a professional person. This will cost you much.

But even then I think that roller blinds are not going to look as good as roller blinds look elegant and classy on tall windows.

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