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Same Day Crowns – A New Way to Restore Your Smile

by Steven Brown
Same Day Crowns tallahassee fl

Are Same Day Crowns a viable option for your smile? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some helpful tips on the procedure. We’ll talk about CEREC (Ceramically Enhanced Restoration Equipment), the ceramic material, and the cost of Same Day Crowns Tallahassee FL. After you have read our tips, you’ll be better equipped to make an informed decision. Also, remember to ask your dentist about the benefits of same-day crowns.


A big benefit of CEREC Same Day Crowns is the time and cost-saving benefits. Traditional crown placement typically requires two separate visits and can take weeks to complete. During that time, the patient must wear a temporary crown while the final crown is crafted. With CEREC Same Day Crowns, however, the patient will only need to return for one appointment to have a permanent crown placed. Because this procedure can be completed in one appointment, it is an excellent option for busy people who need to have their teeth fixed quickly and without having to wait weeks for their new crown to be placed.

Ceramic material

If you’re considering getting same-day crowns, you should know that the most common type is made of ceramic. While a traditional crown is typically made of metal, ceramic crowns are not. They are constructed in a dental lab by a dental technician and are not nearly as aesthetically pleasing as ceramic. Nevertheless, they are more durable than traditional crowns, and they don’t require two visits to the dentist.

Non-invasive procedure

A crown is a special material that covers a tooth. It can be used to cover discolored teeth, fill gaps between teeth, and protect a tooth from decay. Same-day crowns eliminate the need for multiple office visits and make this procedure quick and convenient. You can have your crown in one day instead of two, so you won’t have to miss school or work. The process also takes about an hour.


Same day crowns are the newest way to restore your smile. They cost the same as traditional crowns, but only require one visit. The process is faster, and you can avoid the putty impression, numbing shots, and fat-lip feeling. In addition to being more comfortable, same day crowns are as strong and realistic as traditional crowns. These new advancements make them a great option for busy people who need their teeth fixed quickly.

Patient eligibility

If you think that you might qualify for Same Day Crowns Tallahassee FL, you are not alone. Many dental insurance plans cover traditional crowns, too. However, some people aren’t eligible for the same-day procedure, and these patients may benefit from a traditional crown instead. With a traditional crown, a mold is created and sent to a laboratory, while a same-day crown is created in the dental office and fitted before the patient leaves the practice.

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