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Scents That Could Be Harmful to Your Pets

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Scents That Could Be Harmful to Your Pets

Scented candles are commonly utilized not only for your home to be fragrant but also to relax our mind after a stressful working day. Scented candles can be relaxing and soothing for us but what are our pets reacting? Are they a fan? There is no way to answer this question since we can’t directly inquire about our cats, but just like humans, cats have preferences as well in regards to scent. The scent of candles are warm and romantic. Ronxs is a well-known candle lighter producer.

Cats are extremely sensitive to smell. Researchers estimate that that a cat’s sense of scent is around 14 times stronger than that of humans. Cats possess more than 200 million odor sensors inside their noses, whereas humans only have 5 million. Cats generally don’t like fragrances they find too intense. If you have pets, you should know what scents they prefer and which they don’t. This will allow you to determine which scents you can purchase and then burn at home.

The scents cats are enthralled by

Fruit Scents. Some fruit scents are not attractive to cats . They prefer those of citrus fruit. They are particularly fond of strawberry, peach and watermelon. The smell of these fruits is extremely appealing to them.

Honey suckers. The honey suckle plant is popular wild plant and one which is available in over 180 varieties. One of the species is Tatarian honey suckle. Tatarian honey suckle, has an aroma that cats are enthralled by. The honey suckle scent makes our feline companions calm and calm.

Basil. Cats are enthralled by the aroma of basil and nibble on leaves from the plant. The minty scent and the dense leaves of the plant quickly draw your cat’s attention.

Roses. Who isn’t attracted by the scent of roses? They even attract women and it’s no wonder that it’s one of the flowers that is most often chosen to present in an arrangement by gentlemen to present to their daughters. The aroma of roses is one the scents on which both humans and cats are able to share. Cats are naturally drawn to the sweet smells of roses.

Scents cats don’t like

Citrus fruit. Cats are averse to their strong acidic smell of citrus, as the oils of citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, lime and lemon can be harmful to them, says Koski. Citrus fruits are known to vanish within a matter of seconds whenever they smell it around them.

A way to tell whether your cat doesn’t like your candle’s scent is if they choose not to join you in your room that is scented or when they go away when you’ve burned the candle that you scented. This is like transmitting a message to you they aren’t a fan of the scent you selected.

Be aware of signs that could indicate that the cat you love is sensitive. The signs of sensitivity of your cat to candles are:



Eyes that are watery

Nose irritated and runny


Skin skin


Trouble breathing



As a mom of a fur baby You want only the most for your pet. Knowing which scents your cat likes and dislike can help keep your cat’s life safer and help avoid behavior problems to come up. The most important thing to do is ensure that any scent candle you’re using won’t be dangerous or poisonous for your pet. The first thing to avoid when selecting an scented candle is inexpensive mass-produced paraffin wax candle. Burning paraffin candles is like inhaling diesel fumes. The testing conducted by EPA has proven that these candles, as well as the soot and smoke they emit, contain a variety of harmful chemicals in substantial amounts. While they aren’t visible through the naked eye However, paraffin candles release massive amounts of chemical gasses. The harm to your pet is greatly increased because cats are smaller and can’t absorb poisons as quickly as humans. The paraffin candles are poisonous and you should never light them in your home.

If you’re fan of candles, there are many options can be used that can use with your cat’s most beloved companion. Utilizing a candle made of organic materials that don’t contain paraffin or other chemical compounds is eco sustainable and good for your health. Organic candles, such as bee’s or vegetable wax or coconut wax are better than candles made of paraffin. The list of benefits of using bee’s wand as well as coconut wax candles are:

There are no carcinogens, toxins or soot that can cause choking.

Up 50 more hours than candles made from paraffin

Cruelty free, contain no animal fats

Non-toxic, biodegradable, and derived from renewable resources

Environment friendly

Do not use harmful chemicals to create fragrance

Organic candles can be expensive in comparison to paraffin candles, but who cares about price for your health if your cat’s health are at risk?

Apart from candles that are scented There are other fragranced products that are harmful to cats. Many other products are created to improve the quality of air, however they shouldn’t be used close to your cat.

Dry Potpourri

It’s not immediately dangerous but it can cause irritation to the nose of your cat and, if it is ingested, could create stomach discomfort.

Liquid Potpourri

This product contains cationic cleaners that pose more dangers in comparison to dry potpourri. If it is consumed, it can cause respiratory problems, skin and burning eyes, stomach or digestive ulcers. It can also cause breathing problems problems and neurological issues.


To create an aroma that is fragrant, you have to ignite a substance called incense. The term “incense originates in an Latin words “to burn”.It can be a pleasant smell and relaxing for humans, but the smoke from the product could irritate the stronger noses of your cat and could cause respiratory issues in the event of inhalation.

air Fresheners

Air fresheners mask the smells rather than eliminating them. They may trigger asthma attacks in cats as well as humans as well.

Although these products can be harmful for our pets, there are other products that are secure for our furry best friends. As pet owners, we know that pets can smell a bit that is the reason for the use of candles with scents and air fresheners can be very beneficial.


Charcoal assists in the removal of unpleasant odors and will make your home smell fresh. It’s extremely effective in combating the smell. It can be used by hanging it up on the wall next to the cat’s litter bowl or in places where you can smell the smell.


Febreze is one brands that has been found to be safe for pets, according to ASPCA. However, please be sure to keep it out of the reach of your pets as it’s well-known for causing skin irritation as well as small stomach upsets when consumed.

DIY Aromatics

Who doesn’t enjoy creating the scent of their choice? Making it yourself can ensure that there are no other chemicals utilized in the making process. Utilizing organic ingredients for the production of aromatics will definitely bring you joy and pleasure.

Pet Odor Eliminators

Pet Odor Eliminator is safer for your cat and more gentle for sensitive noses. Contrary to air fresheners that just disguise the smell, this product was specially designed to get rid of smells from pets. It is made of enzymes instead of chemical-based scents.

Cleansing Air Purifier

Air Purifier work to eliminate smells by eliminating them from the air. It does not use scents to make your home smell pleasant and fresh. The best air purifier will help you get rid of the dust particles that are commonly known to be irritating to humans and cats.


There are many possibilities to make sure your home smell lovely refreshing and fresh without harming your cat’s friends. The use of candles with scents is associated to be a risky proposition for our pets. A few alternatives might not be harmful at all provided they are used with care. Aroma diffusers may also be utilized as an alternative to scent candles.

Table below shows the difference of using candles with scents and aroma diffusers

MotivesScented CandlesAroma Diffusers
Safe Around CatsNoYes
No nasties ChemicalsNoYes
No ProblemNoYes
Mood LightingYesYes
Control of FragranceNoYes

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