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Six Sigma Certification To Boost Your Professional Career

by Steven Brown

Many PMPs want to differentiate themselves by adding six Sigma credentials to their toolset. But what is Six Sigma, and how does Six Sigma certification work?

The definitions of Six Sigma are slightly different, but they all surround the concept of quality. Six Sigma is a philosophy, a set of tools, and a method at the same time. For more details, see Divergent Opinions on the Definition of Six Sigma.

In a highly formal Six Sigma organization. Participants have several levels: Black Belt, Green Belt, Master Black Belt, Yellow Belt, White Belt, and Champions and Executives. American Society for Quality (ASQ) “Belts, Executives and Champions. What Does It All Mean?” The page provides a basic description of these characters.

However, there are 2 basic levels of certification: green belt and black belt. The American Society for Quality Standards is the leading authority in the field. But there are many organizations that provide training and have their own certification based on their own reputation and the identity of ‘Six Sigma’.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Berlin is the entry level certification for the field. Greenbelt analyzes and solves quality problems and is involved in quality improvement projects, and formally oversees black belts. The Green Belt Certification is based on the Six Sigma Body of Knowledge (BOK). And the fields of knowledge required and covered in the ASQ test are outlined in the Six Sigma BOK. Applicants must have 3 years of experience within this BOK for testing. See ASQ Green Belt Certification for more information.

Black Belt Certification is an advanced Six Sigma certification. Black belts have a deeper knowledge of all aspects of DMAIC (definition, measurement, analysis, improvement and control). Other process models of Six Sigma. In addition, black belts must be able to play a leading role in the context of projects. Black belt certification requires that you complete at least two of the six Sigma projects. Submit a project affidavit for one. The necessary knowledge can be found in the summary of Six Sigma Body of Knowledge. You may also want to check out the full Black Belt Body of Knowledge download. See ASQ’s Black Belt Certification for more information.

In fact, the Six Sigma project is not always the right answer for every situation. Those who have received proper Six Sigma training and certification know this. He believes that some problems are best for the Six Sigma process. Where as others are best solved through quality management and other problem-solving methods. By understanding this. You can now determine if the projects you have are worthy of improving the Six Sigma process. If they are better than being solved in any other way. However, you should keep in mind that there are many instances where Six Sigma is definitely a good investment.

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