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Smihub: Free Instagram Story Downloader in 2022

by Steven Brown
Smihub Free Instagram Story Downloader in 2022

SmiHub is a free Instagram story downloader tool to download Instagram stories and videos. Social media grows rapidly in the last many years. This platform entertains people in many ways e.g., mems videos, funny quotes, reels, and many more.

There are many famous platforms are available to entertain you with many features. One of the famous platforms is Instagram which is used by nearly all the people’s in today world. There are many features available for using this platform in different ways one of them is “SmiHub”.


Smihub is a free Instagram story viewer and saver tool that allows users to watch or save their Insta stories without signing in. Are you a kind of a person that wants to enjoy social media content like Instagram without having an account? Then the Smihub Instagram is for you.

With this marvelous feature, you can view someone’s profile secretly without having an account. Its means that if you do not have an account on Instagram and want to enjoy or download the trending hashtag, reels, and post.

This tool for Instagram was launched on 10 October 2018. After its development, this tool gains recognition day by day.

Functionality of Smihub

This analyzing tool provides you the many functionalities and also is easy to use. Let’s review which feature it is offering to its users:

  • You can download images instantly
  • View stories without having an account
  • Visit the profile without knowing the account holder
  • Download videos anonymously
  • You can also view the followers of that account holder and also able to view their profile
Find out Instagram profiles by Smihub
Find out Instagram profiles by Smihub

How to use Smihub in an efficient way?

As we discuss earlier that Smihub com is useful for searching and viewing your interested person’s profile and what they share and also their followers. Now the question is how you can search for them?

The Instagram account of everyone is quite different from each other. There may be many people with the same name but with different digits.

 So if you want to search for your friend or family members on Instagram and also wanted to see their content then you should have the correct id name with a correct spell that is the appropriate way to reach their profile and see their stories, reels, and posts.

The amazing thing is that they will not aware of you visit their profile. This tool is beneficial for parents as they can visit their children’s profiles at one glance and helpful for them to monitor the activities of their children on social media.

How to download an Image or Video with one click?

Downloading any video story or image is so easy. If you know anyone’s Instagram username, then it is okay. In case you don’t know the username, just type any username or hashtag, the Smi hub will find that specific account for you.

Enter username or tag
Enter username or tag

Step 1: Enter username or tag and press enter from the keyboard

Step 2: Choose the profile from the list and select the image or video to be downloaded

Step 3: Press the Download Now button, that’s it

Download Instagram videos by Smihub
Download Instagram videos by Smihub

Services description

Now we discuss how we can reach to site or application of Smi Hub Instagram and use the services they offer.

  • The features of this tool are being furnished day by day. One of the draws back of this tool is that you cannot view the private content of any individuals.
  • Let’s view how and what kind of content you can watch of anyone through this tool.
  • In order to view anyone, the profile you must have their correct id as mentioned above. Then simply visit the website that is dumper.com the first name of this tool was smihub which is changed after into dumper.
  • When you landed on the page you can see that the interface of the tool is simple. The home page contains a search bar where you can paste or enter the id of your friends or the person you want to visit.
  • Right there all the services are mention offers by this tool like downloading content, browsing anonymously, searching everything, and lastly analyzing it.

Smihub alternatives:

As of today, many Smihub alternative applications are available on the internet with the same functionality. Smihub reviews show that it has great services for its users. There are also many alternatives available for this tool. These are:

  • greatfon.com (To watch stories, reels, and comments secretly on Instagram)
  • sweetgram.com
  • apkun.com
  • IGtools.net
  • storiesdown.com
  • storywatch.com

Besides above mention sites, there are many other tools are available.

Final thoughts

After reading this article you would be able to know what is Smihub? How it works and the services, and features of this tool. How this tool is beneficial for you? It is a bit time-consuming to log in to Instagram each time, copying URLs of some profiles to download reels, stories or images. So use Smihub to save your time and effort as well.

FAQs about Smihub

Is Smihub free to use?

Yes, you can use Smihub for free. There are no charges for Smihub. Just open the Smihub com, enter your username and download whatever you want.

Are Dumper and Smihub the same?

Both are the same these are the two names of one tool dumper that was previously known as Smihub.

Can I search for movies on Smihub?

Yes, you can. By using hashtags, you can search for any content related to it.

Is there a need for registration?

Yes, you can use Smihub for free. There are no charges for Smihub.

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