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Some unique hairstyle style design for Lehenga

by Steven Brown

Weddings are one of the most memorable and happiest moments in one’s life .

But this day is a little more special for the bride than for the groom.Because guests are more attracted to bride than groom.

Every bride wants to look attractive on her special day.  So they choose the best option for this big day.

And lehengas are the trending outfit now.Most of the brides prefer wearing lehenga for all their wedding functions. 

Hairstyle plays an important role for every bride. Because hairstyles make the bride more attractive. 

Here are some attractive and stylish hairstyle design which will be the perfect one for your lehenga-

33 Best hairstyle with lehenga wedding ideas | lehenga hairstyles, open  hairstyles, lehenga wedding
  • Loose side braid with floral accessories 
  • Loose beachy waves
  • Braided Bun style
  • Open hairstyle 
  • Open hair with strings of flowers 
  • Ponytail style
  • Floral bun
  • Half -tied braided hair
  • Single diagonal braid and curls
  • Criss cross top braid hairstyle 

1- Loose side braid with floral accessories 

Lehenga is a stylish outfit and you need a stunning hairstyle for this outfit.  So ,the beautiful loose side braid with floral accessories is a simple and stylish hairstyle. You can add a floral ‘Maang Tikka ‘ on the centre of the hair . Trust me, you look like a princess with this hairstyle. 

2- loose beachy waves

This is an elegant hairstyle.  This is the perfect hairstyle for your lehenga.

3- Braided Bun style

This is quite a girly and stylish hairstyle. It’s also very simple and magnificent. Just braid hair well from both sides and make it into a bun at the end. Usually girls prefer this hairstyle for the summer days. It makes your style more comfortable. 

4 – Open hairstyle 

Sometimes a simple look can grab all people’s attention. Just open your hair . This hairstyle gives you the most elegant look. 

5-Open hair with strings of flowers 

 Flowers are a sign of romance and love. So just let your hair down and wear as many strings of red roses or mogra flowers.  It gives you the princess look of your lehenga outfit.

6- Ponytail way

Sometimes girls want simple but perfect hairstyles.  So ponytail  style is the best for those girls who want a perfect look. You can wear heavy jewellery with this. You look simple but perfect one.

7- Floral Bun

One of the most attractive and traditional tied up hairstyles is the bun . Just decorate with some flowers. This hairstyle makes your simple look more attractive and stylish and traditional. 

8- Half-tied braided hair 

Those girls who wish to keep their hair open with a Half-tied braided hairstyle. This hairstyle goes perfectly with your lehenga.  

9- Single diagonal braid and curls 

If you want a glamorous look then this hairstyle is the best option. The easy and simple way to get a modern look for the knots is tov bring the hair that you will be putting in a braid to the side instead of the center. This will also make it too easy to make the diagonal braid. Add some small flower clips to the knots in the braid. It is perfect for your lehenga outfit.

10- Criss cross top braid hairstyle 

This is the oldest hairstyle. Most  mothers used to wave at  their children  in the school time. To make this hairstyle attractive just put some flowers or hair accessories. 

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