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Top 4 Strategies to Grow a Professional Network

by Steven Brown
Professional Network

You probably know that it is vital to diversify your professional network and to look outside of your current industry. You can expand your knowledge and network and may also find new connections and opportunities. You might even be able to jumpstart a new career by forming relationships with people from different professional fields. Additionally, companies with centralized recruitment strategies also arrange for training and workshops that allow staff members to maintain and expand their professional networks. 

Follow these strategies to expand your professional network, and you’ll see results in no time! 

#1. Joining a Professional Organization 

Professional organizations often host events, seminars, and lectures for members. Attending these events will help you stay abreast of current trends and industry news, giving you a leg-up on the competition. Most organizations also post job listings to their members so that you can target your search. If you’re interested in networking opportunities, joining a professional organization is a solid strategy. It can provide valuable opportunities for job search, networking, and career advancement. 

Professional companies can deepen existing business relationships and forge new ones. Members can participate in meetings and subcommittees, take more prominent roles, and build lasting ties. These relationships are usually rich and ongoing and can provide valuable information. A professional association is one of the best ways to develop a network of contacts. Once you become a member, you’ll have access to a large pool of potential contacts and clients. 

You can find career advice, connections, and even a dream role. You never know who is looking for your ideal career. Chances are that someone you know knows someone who is connecting people for hiring purposes. The more extensive your professional network, the more likely you know about such opportunities. The same goes for digital networking. Your network includes people you know, and that’s always a good start! 

#2. Joining An Online Community 

Community networking is a great way to meet others and learn from them. By participating in an online community, you will be able to interact with people from different industries and geographical locations. Community participation will allow you to meet people with similar interests and develop your professional network. These communities are also great places to share ideas and innovations.  

Social media is filled with thousands of groups. Join those groups that are relevant to your industry and interact with members regularly. You can engage with other members through comments and casual conversations, arrange meetups and organize events. Social media makes it easy to create relationships.  

Once your community is fully operational, you can build a program or advocate campaign around it. You can also meet people with similar goals and find out what they are passionate about. You’ll feel much more connected and engaged to the community members once they feel included and respected. 

#3. Providing Value to Your Network 

Expanding your professional network is a great way to develop a holistic view of the industry you work in. Strategic decision-making requires an extensive view of the market, but many people build their networks by attending conferences, trade shows, and industry groups. They keep these connections within their own sandbox, which limits their influence. Instead, you should focus on providing value to your network. 

#4. Building Relationships with Professionals Outside of Your Industry 

While networking is not the most direct way to build a new network, it is a surefire way to broaden your contact base. Building relationships with professionals outside your industry is significant for those seeking new opportunities and business ventures. A vast network can lead to numerous new contacts, new business opportunities, and solid professional relationships among peers.  

While developing relationships with professionals outside your industry, focus on the value you can offer others. This may be an introduction to a new colleague or a fresh perspective on a problem. You can also offer to develop people, strengthen your leadership skills, or sharpen your professional network.  


Building relationships with other professionals will help you develop a broader industry perspective. This perspective will be critical for strategic decision-making. In some cases, it is feasible to partner with a staffing agency Austin, or wherever you are located as it will help your company develop a solid and professional network. 

Many people in business make connections through conferences, trade shows, and industry groups. Try to find at least two or three opportunities to meet with old acquaintances at least once a year to stay in touch with them and learn more about them. 

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