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Styling Your Glasses As Per Occasions

by Steven Brown
Styling Your Glasses As Per Occasions

Just like you change your dress based on the occasion for which you are dressing, you should do the same with your accessories too. The ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t work if you are looking to make a strong statement with your style. Hence, you need to ensure that you customise your accessories as per the occasion.

When it comes to glasses, the rule of styling them as per different occasions applies even more aptly. This is exactly why you need multiple pairs of glasses, and the collection should be maintained in such a way that there is always something to match the demands of every possible occasion.

Here, we have compiled a list of glasses’ styles that are ideal for various occasions. To add them to your wardrobes, you can buy glasses online as the massive range of glasses available online will never disappoint you.

For A Casual Party

A casual occasion demands that you style something that is funky. Ladies, nothing can get better than the sassy cat-eye glasses with frames in playful colours. Ever since they became popular, cat-eye glasses have been selling like hotcakes, and are unarguably the most desired style of women’s glasses in present times.

Men can go with aviator glasses – the oversized variant. They will ensure that you are in the limelight during the party and will also act as a compensation for your dance moves, if you are not good with them.

Some of the most amazing unisex styles that can be a game changer for an occasion such as a casual party are oversized frames, the round styles in thick acetate frames, or even the edgy square glasses.

For College

Students are big time fashion enthusiasts and they realise that glasses are the most intimate fashion accessories that they can style to look their best. The best part is that there is a huge range of options for glasses for college.

Students need glasses not just for eyesight correction or style. With digital mode of learning being adopted at a large scale, blue light blocking glasses have become a necessity for students. Also, some students may be in need of reading glasses to deal with problems faced during reading. How do you arrive at an ideal style then?

The oversized glasses are a wonderful option for college – both for their style and their utility as big size lenses provide a wider field of vision. The aviator style – initially designed as pilot glasses – is also a perfect style for college.

Well, college-going students can try out almost all styles of glasses. What matters is the variants that they choose. The best way to go is to keep it bold and playful with your style preferences.

For Office Use

To keep your professional physical appearance on point at the office, you will certainly require the help of a pair of glasses. An ideal pair of office glasses is one that brings about a touch of professionalism to your overall visual appeal.

One of the hottest trends of half-rim glasses in metal frames can do wonders. For those with angular face shapes, round glasses with a metal frame will not only fit perfectly into your workplace setting but also accentuate your facial features. In the case of roundish face shapes, the decent but elegant rimless rectangular glasses are exceptional in providing a sophisticated touch.

Browline glasses are one of the best styles when it comes to glasses for the workplace. Their prominent relatively thicker upper portion of the frames bring about a contrasting appeal and can help you stand out.

For An Elite Gathering

Designer glasses are exceptional if you are looking for something elite. We also understand that these pairs are relatively more expensive. However, you can also make an elite fashion statement with non-designer pairs and in case you are looking for affordable designer glasses, you need to head over the internet as there are various sites selling pocket-friendly designer glasses online.

A style that stands apart here is clear frame glasses – thanks to their crystal clear outlook. Also known as transparent glasses, clear frames radite a superb elite appeal. Their transparent structure is great in accentuating your facial features.

Your options are not limited to just clear frames and the room is wide open to experiment with other styles too. The sleek metal frames, which have a very high style quotient, fit exceptionally well into an elite occasion. It would be unfair if we didn’t mention the geometric frames here that carry a sophisticated visual appeal and their unique combinations of sides and angles hold the ability to keep things spot on.

For Holiday Trips

To spice up your trip, you need to carry along a variety of travel accessories, and a pair of glasses go right up the list here. Opt for something that is handy and matches well with holiday vibes. You will also require sunglasses during a trip, a must have in outdoor sunny conditions.

Coming to the styles, again you must try to keep things fun and playful. Make a shift from the regular conventional pairs, and instead take the unconventional route.

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