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The Role of Technology in Making Lives Easier

by Steven Brown

In today’s era, our lives magically intertwine with technology. As if we are a part of the Harry Potter world, and our phones are our magic wands – everything happens instantly, from finding new movie releases to finding a ride. As of 2020, 6 billion people are using smartphones globally. And the number is increasing every day. Yes, there are counterarguments, and some often criticize technology’s interference.

However, that cannot deny science and technology’s positive contribution.

  1. Science and technology have made healthcare better

Imagine our lives 100 years back. Even a simple flu was life-threatening, and keeping healthy was a full-time job. But now, things have taken a 360-degree turn. Now you have applications and gadgets that help you stay fit.

Improved access to medical data and enhanced information have helped doctors save patients’ lives. And the best part is patients do not have to travel to the doctor’s chamber every time they have any issue. Instead, they can communicate with each other remotely.

  1. Pay online safely

Remember when you had to stay cautious about your money every time you went out? That’s in the past now! Technology has made payment as easy as ABC! So now you don’t have to carry your wallet, card, and those things that might get misplaced or lost.

A tap on your phone, and voila! Payment done! You can save your card information on your phone and use various online payment methods to carry out transactions.

  1. Shopping done right with tech

Long lines at the retail stores don’t bother us anymore; because we don’t have to stand in lines anymore. Thanks to technology! With e-commerce chains, we can all shop from wherever we wish.

Technology has made shopping simpler for various people, be it your groceries, medicines, or any luxurious item. For example, a person with severe agoraphobia can now purchase whatever they need through online stores. Now, isn’t that wonderful!

  1. Learn through tech

Technology has helped students keep up with their education. And its most prominent example is disruptive education during the 2020-21 pandemic. Students worldwide took regular lessons, appeared for tests, and submitted assignments through online education portals. Teachers planned lectures, marked papers, and held meetings through Moodle and zoom calls.

Furthermore, students sought essay help, tuition, and other assistance from their professors virtually. And all of these have been possible due to technology’s advancement.

  1. Live smart & be eco-friendly

If you are a nature-conscious person, this one’s for you! Technology is helping planet earth immensely. With technology’s help, you can recycle plastic and reduce plastic waste. Furthermore, due to technology’s interference, we can now live in smart cities and live eco-friendly lives.

Smart cities involve the lesser consumption of natural resources for building constructions. In addition, living in smart cities help you keep a check on water and electrical usage through big data access.

  1. Technological inventions making lives easier

Thanks to technology, we can use various online resources and ease our lives. For example, now you can use essay typer tools and produce strong essays. And you can also go paperless while reading textbooks and submitting assignments.

Several people use smart appliances to clean their homes in the background while continuing their daily tasks without any hindrance. These appliances save energy and do every chore neatly, leaving a squeaky clean residence.

  1. Remote jobs with tech

Emerging technologies have undoubtedly helped introverts work an office job minus all the communication. For example, several companies, such as Twitter and Microsoft, now offer remote job facilities to applicants. And it has been reported that more than 42% of workers in the USA alone work from their homes.

From professional assignments help adelaide to tech gurus, all enjoy working from their homes and balancing their lives. And it has been possible because of remotely working software.

  1. Friends and families are now 1000 miles closer

You don’t need to be a genius to know that technology is helping people come closer. We all know that communication was a sticky task in earlier times. Even a few years back, communication with friends and family was a difficult task.

Thanks to technology, we can connect with our favourite people from any corner of the world. You can send quick texts over WhatsApp, or you can face time if you want to. So, even if you are out of sight, you can never go out of your close ones’ minds.

  1. GPS is now your deluminator

All the millennials and Gen Zs know about Harry Potter’s magical world a little too well. Remember, Ronald Wesley inherited a deluminator from Professor Dumbledore. But, unfortunately, in reality, as heartbreaking as it is, we cannot find a deluminator that can guide us back to our friends.

But we most definitely have GPS. GPS trackers help us from getting lost and bring us on the right track through smart voice directions. So we might not have Hermione Granger, but we have Siri to keep us on track.

  1. Finding answers has never been easier

Those times are gone when people had to turn innumerable pages to find the correct answer. Now, they have Google to help them find solutions. With Google’s assistance, anyone can find the correct answers only if they wish to.

Free online libraries, university course materials, and interactive educational applications are helping everyone gain in-depth knowledge. So, now anyone can learn and grow because we have the technology to help us spread our wings.

Parting words

Technology is bringing relevant changes into society. And we are lucky because we can witness this transition closely. Technology helped us survive the COVID-19 virus and made our lives a little bearable when the world was suffering. Let’s hope that technology brings further positive changes in our lives and makes living easier.

About Author: Tabitha Jones is an essayist with over 10 years of experience. She is also associated with Essayassignmenthelp.com.au, where she offers essay help to students. In addition, Tabitha likes to cook for her friends and family.

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