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The 15 Second Rule: 3 Reasons Why Users Leave a Website

by Steven Brown
The 15 Second Rule: 3 Reasons Why Users Leave a Website

In a world where technology has taken over everything, people have become advanced. With the advancement in technology, they now do not want to waste their time on things.

This irritates them and they are most likely to move on to some other website sources to seek help.

Even the slightest of mistakes can cost you a lot.

Hence it is suggested that the websites should be on the top. Many reasons can be associated with the poor functioning of a website

Let us now discuss some of the reasons for which the customers leave your website and go to other sites. 

Improving these reasons will help the businesses to grow and make some huge success. 

3 Reasons for Which Users Leave Your Website

  • There are a lot of options 

With the internet being such a crowded place, users have little patience for slow websites. If your site is slow, people will simply leave and go somewhere else.

And if you’re losing them to other sites, you’re missing out on opportunities to sell products or services. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way! Your website can be fast—you just need the right tools in place.

Your website needs to be easy for users—and by easy, we don’t mean simple or basic; we mean enjoyable and responsive.

You want your site visitors’ experience with your brand identity and content (including videos) to be smooth, engaging and consistent across all platforms so they don’t get frustrated trying different things on different devices (e.g., desktop vs mobile) only because they work differently due solely because each device has its version of Internet Explorer (or Chrome).If there’s one thing we’ve learned about usability testing sessions over time – it’s that whenever something doesn’t work properly (like when pages take too long loading).

People tend not to bother trying anything else after that point unless necessary due mainly because hanging around longer isn’t worth wasting time/energy waiting around while nothing happens.”

  • Nobody likes to wait

Nobody likes waiting. While you’re scrolling through your social media feed, or when you visit a website, you expect to see something immediately.

Website visitors are impatient.

They don’t want to wait around, and they certainly don’t have time to waste on your site.

Users expect websites to be fast and easy to use.

According to research from Akamai Technologies Inc., website users give a site 15 seconds before leaving for a competitor if it doesn’t load in under two seconds (and yes, that’s actually how little time you have!).

Asking them for more patience than that is not only unrealistic but also unlikely—it’s better just not asking at all!

  • You are unable to provide quality

This is another important factor that determines if a user will stay at your website or not.

Moreover, you can provide a better solution to their problems or concerns.

That puts you at risk as a negative response could degrade your business to a much greater extent. Thus, any business must provide quality content and should answer the need of the clients. Moreover, with great quality, a website owner should also put some emphasis on the interface.

However, there are some other issues as well that could make the users go away. Some of these include not having a well defined “About Us” page.

If your website is not up to speed you will get left behind.

Nobody likes waiting; if you can’t load everything within 15 seconds, expect your visitors to click on somewhere else.

Does your site also give a bad response and you don’t know what to do? We have the right thing for you. Make sure you contact us and ensure that you get the best services that could empower your business.

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